What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

cuases of hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation or dark spots are a common skin condition that affects both men and women. There are several treatments and home remedies that one can use to get rid of pigmentation easily to restore the skin to a brighter, lighter look. But what really causes hyperpigmentation or dark spots in the first place? What most people don’t know is that everyday habits can cause this skin problem. Let’s look at what causes hyperpigmentation.

Heat Exposure

Exposure to high flames while cooking can cause skin pigmentation. You need to avoid standing near high flames when cooking. If you are a chef and need to cook on high flames, you need to apply protective creams before you cook. You should also minimize the times you visit places that expose your skin to excess heat like steam rooms or sauna.

Sun Exposure

The worst thing you can do for your skin is to go out on a hot sunny day without sunscreen. Exposing your skin for long hours in the sun can cause skin pigmentation. If you need to be in the sun for long hours, apply a sunscreen lotion that is at least 30 SPF. Do this every time before you walk out and after every two hours to ensure your skin is well protected. You should also know just because it is cloudy outside that does not prevent harmful rays from the sun getting into your skin.

Perfumed Products

We all need to look and smell good. However, you need to study your skin first and test different fragrance products before applying them. If you have a history of allergies or have a sensitive skin then you need to steer clear from perfumed products. When you apply perfumes, never spray directly on the skin.

DIY Bleaching Skin

Oftentimes, bleaching the skin without professional guidance can lead to formation of dark spots on the skin. Bleaching chemicals are strong to be able to change the color of skin and hair. Subjecting your skin to bleaching constantly is not good since the chemical reaction on the skin can cause pigmentation in the long run. If you have to bleach, look for safe skin brightening products to use on your skin.


Excessive smoking is known to reduce the release of antioxidants into our body systems. Antioxidants help to renew and keep the skin healthy. Smoking also releases toxic chemicals in the body which in turn can cause skin pigmentation.


Stress has many negative effects to the body including your skin. When one is stressed, an increased number of free radicals are released in your body system which aggravates skin pigmentation. Try to avoid putting yourself in situations that can increase your stress levels. When stressed, eat a balanced diet and have as much rest as you can.

Bad Skin Care Products

Using poor quality skin products for toning and cleansing everyday can cause skin pigmentation. Only use products from reputable brands on your skin. F&F Hyper-Pigmentation Reduce Body Cleanser from Skintrium cleanses, exfoliates, gently lightens and replenishes your natural skin moisture leaving it fresh and radiant.

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