Top Reasons For Acne On Your Cheeks

acne on your cheek

Few things are more frustrating than those troublesome acne breakouts. Even if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, you can still suffer from acne on your cheeks, forehead, back, and other inconveniently located areas. You are doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing, aren’t you?

One theory for problem acne areas is that certain parts of your face are directly connected to certain body organs. It’s a little something called face mapping. Keep those organs healthy, and you stand a better chance of a healthy complexion. Of course, keeping your face clean doesn’t hurt. But even someone that cleans their face on a regular basis can still have problems with acne on your cheeks. It may be that something somewhere else in the body is amiss.

Your lungs and liver are reportedly affiliated with your cheeks when it comes to acne breakouts. Additionally, there are outward effects that can directly manipulate the health and condition of your skin. Let’s take a look at some tips and advice from the experts.

Keep That Liver Healthy – Limit Your Alcohol

We are not saying that you can’t drink socially, here and there, but binge drinkers, for example, aren’t doing their liver (or the complexion on their cheeks) any favors. Liver imbalances could be having an effect on acne breakouts on your cheeks.

Healthier Gums and Teeth Certainly Won’t Hurt

Yes, your dental hygiene can actually have something to do with acne breakouts on your cheeks. Oral problems such as infections and cavities have been shown, in some studies, to have a direct effect on cheek acne. So, go figure, your dentist was right. Floss, brush your teeth and get regular dental check-ups.

When Is the Last Time You Cleaned Your Smartphone?

Acne suffers have undoubtedly heard the advice about keeping their hands away from their face. What is one thing that your hands are constantly touching? Your cell phone. As dirty as your hands are, your cell phone is even dirtier. And you usually, unless you’re on speaker, press your cell phone up against your cheeks. See the connection? Using a Bluetooth, or the previously mentioned speaker mode could help keep the skin on your cheeks a little bit cleaner. Wiping off your phone with a disinfecting cloth won’t hurt either.

How Clean Are Your Pillowcase and Pillow?

Pillowcases are literally a breeding ground for bacteria and other acne causing agents. Don’t forget to throw the pillowcases in the laundry along with your sheets, mattress pad, etc. And try not to wait an excruciatingly long period between washings. If nothing else, it’s just nasty.

Additionally, individuals with delicate skin types may want to go with fabrics such as bamboo. Anti-microbial pillowcases, another option, contain special ingredients like wintergreen, lavender, tea tree, and more, which fight against germs that cause acne. Some of these can have a marginally drying effect so finding an appropriate moisturizer can be an important part of proper skincare, even for those with acne. Fortunately – such products are out there. Read on.

If you’ve tried everything mentioned above and are still having problems with acne you may need specific products that are targeted to prevent and clear up acne; much like oily skin sufferers frequently use specific products because they target the precise problems and areas that need the most attention. A good example of this is Skintrium’s Esthetic Blend Gelato Corrective Moisturizing Gel. Just because you have oily skin doesn’t mean that you can’t or shouldn’t use a moisturizer, as is evidenced by this amazing product.