Top Age-Defying Ingredients Found in Products that Lighten Your Skin

Fact: Every woman wants to look younger. This might cause you to reach for anti-ageing skincare products and cosmetics. But there are products you might be missing out on – ones that promise to lighten your complexion.


It’s a misconception to think that skin lightening products are only meant to be used if you want to make your skin tone a shade or two lighter. The truth is that they’ve become products that offer a myriad of benefits, from helping to tackle sun damage to evening out a blotchy skin tone and, yes, even helping to make your skin stronger and younger-looking.

Take Your Skin on the Bright Side

One of the most obvious ways in which skin lightening products can peel the years off your complexion is by making your skin brighter. When you glow, you immediately look healthy, happy and young. Natural skin lightening products make use of flower and fruit extracts so you can show a more luminous face to the world, with ingredients such as licorice and tea to rosemary leaf extract.

So even if your skin isn’t showing signs of melasma but it’s looking dull, reach for a skin brightening product that contains natural, safe ingredients to perk up your complexion.

Smooth Things Over

Having dry skin is more trouble than you think. It can lead to dullness while also accentuating the lines and wrinkles you already have. Just moisturizing your skin more religiously can have great results: it keeps your skin touchable and soft while hydrating it so that signs of ageing are not as noticeable.

Choosing a skin brightening product that contains hydrating ingredients such as shea butter is a must to ensure that you’re slathering on the moisture your skin needs to be more resilient. This also helps your skin repair itself because creams containing shea butter keep skin elastic and increase its mobility. This means your daily frowns and smiles are not going to leave as much of a mark because your skin is fluid and stretchy instead of tight and dry.

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Firm Up!

Besides for nourishing your skin, you want to decrease signs of ageing such as those frustrating wrinkles that won’t budge. Although you might reach for chemically-enhanced products, these can be damaging to your health. Natural skin lightening products, on the other hand, contain botanical ingredients that are gentle while working their magic.

A popular ingredient that firms your skin is green tea extract. Since it fights free radicals, it helps to keep your skin in healthy condition. It also prevents the skin from losing its collagen, which is the cornerstone of youthful skin. This is thanks to its epigallocatechin-3-gallate (EGCG) extract, so it’s worth choosing natural skin lightening products that contain it.

Another important youth-boosting natural ingredient in skin lightening products is aloe. It contains malic acid that is needed by the skin to exfoliate it so that fresh, young skin cells can be revealed underneath all the dead skin and dirt. Malic acid disintegrates dead skin cells so that they can flake off, meaning less bacteria and oil can accumulate on the surface. This is not only great for making your skin look replenished and preventing breakouts, but it also means your skin will look younger.

Best of all, when you exfoliate and lighten your skin by choosing a brightening product containing aloe, such as Skin Soho White Tea Lightening Gelée, you kill two birds with one stone while giving your skin a luxurious treatment.


Regenerate Your Beauty

It’s scary to think that as we age and our skin gets exposed to a variety of environmental factors, our skin cells become damaged. This leads to our skin looking older. Healthy lifestyle choices such as quitting smoking and avoiding the sun aside, we need to infuse our skincare products with ingredients that actually stimulate the body to create healthier cells. One of these is soy.  

In a study, when soy milk was applied to the skin it boosted the skin’s hyaluronic acid content, which is important for moisture and maintaining collagen. This study shows just how beneficial soy can be in skincare. It might surprise you to know that some quality skin lightening products contain soy, such as Pre-Whiten Sepiwhite Face Penetrate: Maximum Strength. This brightens and corrects your skin with its range of nourishing natural ingredients and time-release actives which boost circulation for a healthy, vibrant complexion.

Using lightening products is linked to having more youthful skin. Thanks to the many youth-boosting ingredients that are found in natural skin brightening products, you can achieve a younger complexion that radiates luminosity.