The Best Skincare Regimen Following Rhinoplasty

Have you ever considered getting rhinoplasty, otherwise known as a nose job? This procedure can boost your appearance and confidence, but you should remember looking good after the surgery isn’t just thanks to your surgeon. Caring for your skin will enhance your results! Here’s what you need to know about rhinoplasty.

Skin After Rhinoplasty

What Rhinoplasty Can Do

When you hear of rhinoplasty, you might think that it’s often just a way to make a nose smaller or straighter, but it can be so much more than that. Rhinoplasty can reshape the nose in a variety of ways to complement the face, such as by changing its angle in relation to the upper lip, altering the shape of the tip of the nose, smoothing bumps on the bridge of the nose, or even making the nose bigger if it suits the overall face. Research has found a nose job can also make you look younger!

What Happens During Rhinoplasty?

During rhinoplasty surgery, incisions are made inside the nose so that cartilage and bone can be worked with. These cuts are not noticeable after surgery. Once the cartilage and bone is removed or fillers are added, the tissue and skin are adjusted to cover the nose again. A splint is also applied so that the new shape of the nose can be supported.

How to Look After Your Skin: Before and After Tips

Elevate Your Head

There will be some swelling and pain after the operation, so it is important to rest. You should elevate your head for a few days and refrain from blowing your nose as this will cause pressure on the wounds inside it. You should also avoid bending your head.

Choose Soft Skincare

Be gentle with the products you use on your face as your skin is in a fragile state before and after your operation. Cleanse your skin and use a mild astringent so that you prevent the pores on your nose from getting blocked, which can cause breakouts. You want to avoid breakouts before and after surgery. Also avoid any products that are too fragranced or filled with chemicals as these can cause irritations.Gentle skincare also refers to how you apply your skincare products. You want to carefully rub them in without being rough.

Tackle Hyperpigmentation

Although hyperpigmentation after rhinoplasty is rare, you might notice broken capillaries around the nose that have a spidery appearance. These are called telangiectasia. Along with hyperpigmentation, they can be treated with a natural skin bleaching cream. Make sure the cream has green tea extract which treats both broken capillaries and pigmentation.

Wear Sunscreen!

This is a must whenever you step outside because your post-op skin is more sensitive and should not be exposed to the sun’s harmful rays. These can irritate and redden your skin, which you do not want. The sun can also give you other skincare problems, such as pigmentation and wrinkles, which will sabotage your youthful new face.

Use a Vitamin Cream

When your skin is in healthy condition it will be in a better position to prevent complications. Nourishing your skin with vitamins found in skincare products is important to boost its health. This will also help it repair at a faster rate! Vitamin C is especially beneficial for skin. It not only complements your rhinoplasty procedure by boosting collagen so skin is youthful, but also helps wounds heal.

Skin After Rhinoplasty

If you’ve decided to get rhinoplasty, you should make sure you treat your skin to some tender loving care! This will speed up your recovery time and give you gorgeous skin that complements your new face.