Sun Today – More Dangerous Than 25 Years Ago?

Many people think there is more of the sun’s radiation than there was 25 years ago, and this thought is driven mostly by the idea of global warming. It is difficult to measure this exactly, but clearly there is more cases of skin cancer and other sun-related problems than there was 25 years ago.


Most of these problems do not stem from the sunlight but from artificial sunlight. The availability of tanning booths and beds has become a huge industry, and many sun-lovers seek to keep their golden hues well on past the summer. They seek these tanning beds, and the direct UV rays are more damaging to skin than normal sun. It is quick and easy to blame everything on the sun, but the sun is no closer or further than it was 25 years ago.


This does not mean there is a problem with going into the sunshine. It is quite the contrary; sunshine and fresh air are good for you in moderation. It is when the average person takes in too much sun over a prolonged period that the effects become a problem. If it is the golden hue of a tan you so desperately seek, it may be better to use a spray tanning booth or a tan cream because both of these are safer for your skin and your overall health.

A common problem associated with sun worship is the skin becoming overly tanned on certain areas like moles and birthmarks. The best skin lightening cream helps to ameliorate the blotching and watching the overall amount of time in the sun will help as well. Using a quality sun screen of a lower SPF will also help in maintaining an overall healthful golden look as well as provide a degree of protection for your skin’s long term health.


The argument the sun is worse than before is not valid. Advances in skin care, skin creams and sun protection continue to improve. A person who seeks to enjoy the time in the sun has less to fear today than they did 25 years ago because of this. Technology aside; the best way to protect your skin for the long term is limiting the overall amount of time in the sun and using a quality sun screen for prolonged exposure.

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