Summer Skin Care Tips For All Skin Types

summer skin care tipsIn case you haven’t noticed, there are more flip-flops, beach umbrellas, sunscreen, shorts, and tank tops out and about these days. Yes, summer is in full force, but that also means that your skin care routine will change slightly. Warm, sunny weather means that dry skin will get patchy and oily skin will get oilier. Acne, roughness, rashes, and pimples seem to be harder to get rid of. It’s time to kick in your summer skin care routine. Here are a few skin care tips to get you on your way to enjoying summer with younger looking, fresher, smoother, cleaner skin.

Fabrics That Breathe

This is particularly important in warm, steamy weather. Lighter fabrics, like cotton, are perfect for summer. And rather than getting itchy and sweaty with tight, constricting clothes, opt for a loose fit. Tight clothes for long periods of time not only itch and can produce rashes, but they can also sometimes contribute to infections on your skin and in other, various areas.

Eating Foods That Cool You Down

Try to eat light and stick with as many vegetables and fruits as are in season. Sugary drinks are counterproductive in summer. And heavy foods make you feel weighed down and sluggish, as well as making you more susceptible to breakouts due to increased oily skin.

Proper Hygiene Is Essential

Staying cleaner helps you feel and stay cooler. It also helps keep your pores clean, which is important, particularly in summer. A quick bath or shower can refresh and revitalize you on those hot, sweaty days.

Lips and Eyes Need Protection Too

Don’t assume, even for a minute, that your lips and eyes do not need protection. In some cases, they need extra protection. Always use sunglasses and find a lip balm or lip product with SPF that you can use on a regular basis for all occasions.

We Can’t Stress Sunscreen Enough

You’ve heard it until you have practically turned blue. Always use sunscreen, never use anything under 30 SPF, apply it half an hour before you head out into the sun, reapply it if it gets washed off… It just goes on and on. The problem is, it’s true. Summer without sunscreen is risky, foolish, and unhealthy.

Keeping It Simple and Basic

There is a basic, evening routine that skin care usually follows. You clean your skin, then tone it, then moisturize it before you go to sleep at night. This helps prevent wrinkles and premature aging among other things. Summer is certainly no time to veer from your established path.

Use Products That Are Appropriate For the Season

Granted, many skin care products are good all year round. But products with sunscreen, in particular, work well in summer. Of course, if in winter you go skiing or spend a lot of time out on the reflective snow covered landscape, sunscreen will be important as well. But in winter, your skin tends to dry out more than in summer. In warmer months, use lighter creams that won’t block your pores. Allow your skin to breathe – much as with the breathable fabrics previously discussed.

Take Special Care Of Your Face

All of that said, do not fear the sun. It does, after all, produce a mood boosting hormone – serotonin. That explains why cloudy days with no sunlight make you feel depressed or sad. You need but to make sure that you balance a good skin regime using Skintrium products with the time you spend in the sun. This way you’ll be sure to block the harmful rays from damaging your skin but still enjoy its more positive aspects.