Smart In The Sun! How You Should Protect Your Skin

Whatever skin shade you are, it’s highly important to protect your skin from the sun, whether you’re in the shade or not! Though tanning has been en vogue since the 2000s, it’s actually extremely bad for you, for a variety of both cosmetic and health reasons.

If you’re ready to lighten your skin, begin to reverse the effects of the sun with lifestyle changes and skin lightening remedies. Take control of your skin, whether you have a particular skin tone or skin irregularities by minimizing your exposure to the darkening effects of the sun.


UVA and UVB Sun Rays

We typically think of the sun as healthy, giving off both Vitamin D that makes us feel good and a healthy glow that looks great, too! However, the truth is that exposure to the sun can cause damage both seen and unseen. Though in the short-term, the sun can give you a deeper skin color, which may be unwanted. It can also cause the appearance of freckles and moles. In the long-term, the sun will cause greater wrinkles as UVA/UVB rays damage the skin’s elasticity over time.

Wear a moisturizer with added SPF under your makeup each day, even if you’re not going to be in direct sunlight or out-of-doors for long. If you’re spending time outside, you should wear protective clothing such as hats and light sleeves. Reapply sunscreen during swimming and strenuous activity every hour in order to get proper coverage. People with fair skin, like redheads, should especially be sure to reapply in order to avoid painful (and damaging) sunburns.


Though people with dark skin tone often don’t burn in the sun, harmful rays can still damage the skin by stimulating melanin production resulting in a darker shade of skin. Regardless of skin color, everyone should apply sunscreen during heavy periods of exposure to sunlight, such as during the summer or during extended outdoor activities.

Did you know?

The upper-class elite Victorians of England actually extremely prized paleness. Though today having pale skin may seem unhealthy or uncool for many people of European descent, with many young girls and women alike flocking to tanning beds regularly, in the 1700s it was actually a mark of great beauty for Anglo-Saxons.

Citric or Hydrolyzing Acid Peels

Acid peels are a great way to reverse some of the damage to your skin caused by the sun. Professionals can perform chemical peels to the face with great effect. If you’re looking to spare some expense, however, beauty store or over-the-counter peels can offer some of what you’re looking for. Incorporate the peel into regimen once a week or less to lighten the skin and even out your skin tone.


Citric acid is also a great home option for improving your skin color. Use lemon juice in conjunction with vitamin E to reduce the appearance of freckles, dark spots, or uneven areas.

Take steps to prevent your skin’s exposure to the sun to protect your skin for the long-term and work on your skin’s coloring. Whatever your skin condition, whether you have a certain skin tone, blemishes like freckles or moles, or have uneven discolorations, keeping out of the sunshine can help you lighten your skin.