Skintrium Launches its Flagship Store in Fashionable Soho!

Healthy skin is the trendiest fashion accessory you own―and it never goes out of style. Skintrium has always been passionate about nourishing skin with no room for punishing it. Bye-bye harmful toxins and hello natural ingredients that make your skin radiate light and beauty. The recent exciting opening of Skintrium’s new and bright flagship store in Soho, New York City, was a celebration of all of this―and so much more!


Cream of the Crop

The dazzling event was held on the 1st October 2015 and attended by celebrities, models, doctors and makeup artists. Skincare experts were present to offer guests pampering facials and beauty assessments. The luxurious new Skintrium skincare collection was on show, proving that it’s easy to achieve luminous skin that makes you shine in the spotlight when you have the right products at hand. Whether you’re a runway model or busy mom, Skintrium is for every woman who wants to spoil her skin with goodness that shows on her face.


But wait, it’s not just women that had great skin to gain at the event―men of all ages also dropped by to enjoy a cocktail of health, beauty and fun. Healthy snacks, such as fruit, cheese, and crackers, were on hand so guests could nibble on them while perusing the new store and array of Skintrium products. It was the perfect time to let your hair down, enjoy a bit of socializing, and catch up on great skincare tips and tricks. Age spots, discoloration and signs of ageing were definitely not invited to the party, though, and Skintrium ensures that they never make an appearance in your life.

Spreading the Radiance

The opening of this sparkling and stylish store is the exciting expansion of the Skintrium brand and Soho is the perfect location for it. There’s no doubt that fashion reigns here, so the next time you’re in Soho, make sure you take a pit-stop at the store on 192 Spring Street during your frenzied shopping or before meeting up with friends. If you sadly missed the party, you’ll be able to view the luxurious collection that makes use of natural, rejuvenating ingredients to boost your skin’s health and beauty so that you can bask in your own light.


Skintrium is every skin’s BFF that will always help you achieve skin that makes a confident first impression, whether at the boardroom or trendy party.