Skin Lightening Soap: So Much More Than a Cleansing Bar

You might assume that skin lightening soaps are just gentler versions of whitening creams, but they offer so many more benefits than making your skin fairer. Here are some powerful ingredients in skin lightening soaps that will nourish your way to better skin.

Block Free Radicals

You’ve probably heard that citrus fruits are high in Vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps to strengthen skin against free radicals so that they cannot form age spots, wrinkles or discoloration. Some skin lightening soaps contain Vitamin C, such as with citrus fruit extracts, to neutralize free radicals so skin looks younger.

Surprisingly, corn is another good source of Vitamin C. It finds its way into cosmetics and skin whitening soaps in the form of corn starch. Free radical protection aside, corn starch is a great way to improve skin because when it is used in products as a substitute for petroleum, it prevents the blocking of pores which can lead to breakouts.

Soaps that Don’t Leave You Dry

If you’ve ever stepped out of the bath or shower and immediately felt your skin become dry, you’ll know that cleansing is best followed with the application of a moisturizer. But here’s what’s great about skin lightening soaps: when filled with skin-nourishing ingredients, they work double-duty as moisturizing agents. Skintrium’s White Carrera Corrective Cleansing Solid Bar contains the following to keep skin hydrated:

  • Shea butter that keeps skin silky soft. Shea butter also boosts the skin’s healing powers because of its fatty acids.
  • Olive fruit oil that protects the skin from the sun’s rays and matches skin’s natural oil content to balance it out.
  • Bilberry fruit and leaf extract that conditions the skin and perks it up with a boost of vibrancy. This is important in lightening soaps because it gives skin a renewed and luminous appearance.

Calm Irritated Skin

Lightening soap bars can be filled with ingredients that tackle skin problems. An example of such an ingredient is salicylic acid. Although you’ve probably heard about this ingredient when it comes to treating acne, it also offers other benefits because it is an anti-inflammatory.

When used topically, salicylic acid treats a variety of skin conditions, such as psoriasis, dryness and scaling of the skin, calluses and even warts. This is powerful when used in a skin lightening product because it works away at soothing inflammation so that your skin can be smoother and clearer.

Natural Exfoliation

When whitening soaps contain exfoliating properties they work as a scrub to gently clean skin. This involves getting rid of accumulated dirt, sweat and dead skin cells that all contribute to dull skin. One of the exfoliating ingredients you might find in a lightening soap product is maple extract. This is taken from the sugar maple tree and it’s a natural source of a popular group of skin exfoliators known as Alpha Hydroxy Acids.


Gone are the days when soap bars were just about cleansing skin. A skin lightening soap should be gentle, infused with natural ingredients, and filled with invigorating lightening agents to create brilliant and healthy skin.