Skin Lighteners That Won’t Damage Your Skin

Just because skin lightening has become so popular in recent years, it doesn’t mean that all skin lightening products are safe. In fact, there are some that can really harm your skin and health. Here’s how to choose more nourishing products to give you the lighter skin tone you desire.

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What’s the Danger of Skin Lightening?

What makes many skin lightening products so dangerous is that they contain harmful chemicals. These include hydroquinone and mercury. Although these might be said to be effective at lightening your skin, they are not worth the risk.  Research has shown that they can permanently damage your skin, such as by causing ochronosis. This is when the skin gets blue or black patches and there is no way to cure it! In addition, too much exposure to hydroquinone can lead to tumors.

The incorrect use of chemical skin lightening products can also be harmful to you. For instance, if you don’t follow the product instructions or use the products on sensitive areas of your body for which they aren’t intended, such as around the eyes. This can cause irritations or adverse reactions.

Important Tips To Follow When Lightening Your Skin

  • Natural Is Best

If you want to lighten your skin, the most important thing to do is choose a product that is made with natural ingredients to avoid irritation and negative side-effects. A product like Sepiwhite 5XF Body Lightening Gel (Original Strength) contains five natural skin lightening ingredients that are gentle enough for your skin while giving you the lighter, even tone you want to achieve. It also contains moisturizing agents so that skin looks radiant, as opposed to dry and dull which is a common side-effect when you use chemical skin lightening products.

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  • Always Choose Products That Work With Your Skin Type

In the same way that you will choose moisturizers that suit your skin type, you should only use skin lightening creams that are produced for your specific skin issues so that you avoid irritation. This also helps you achieve the best whitening results. For instance, if you are prone to dryness, a skin lightening product infused with moisturizing agents will help you achieve radiance and prevent dullness. Some products, such as the Sepiwhite 5XF Body Lightening Gel, are safe for all skin types so you can use it without fear that it will aggravate your skin.

  • Boost Your UV Protection

Even if you’re using natural skin lightening products instead of harmful chemical ones, you should always protect your skin against the sun’s harmful UV rays. Lightening your skin makes it more sensitive to the sun, and since a lot of pigmentation is caused from sun exposure you really need to cover up your skin when you’re outside to block those UV rays. Some skin lighteners also contain exfoliating ingredients which remove the surface layer of skin and make skin more vulnerable to the sun, so don’t leave the house without your trusty sunscreen!

  • Focus On Healthier Skin 

Another important point to remember when choosing natural skin lightening products is that they are NOT just focused on giving you lighter skin. Since they are filled with natural ingredients, they make your skin healthier. For instance, liquorice is a natural skin lightening ingredient but it also has anti-inflammatory properties which make it great for treating skin conditions such as eczema and psoriasis. By choosing naturally-based skin lightening creams, you encourage more gorgeous skin that glows with health, too.

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Skin lightening products are not all safe and some can really be harmful to your skin. But that doesn’t mean you should avoid the good ones. If you want to get an evenly-toned, radiant complexion, you need to choose natural skin lightening creams that nourish your skin to look its best. Say good riddance to the harmful side-effects!