Skin Brightening: A Journey Towards Opulence

It’s true — we’re all looking for that special thing. The rich texture on that beautiful, overpriced leather jacket. That decadent layered cake glistening in the 5 o’clock sun. That lush hair color. Nothing else will please us. We always want more.

The Queen’s Question


Is that bad? We don’t think so. We just want the best of the best. The cream of the crop. The upper crust. And getting it doesn’t mean spending thousands of dollars on tokens. But it does mean treating yourself like royalty. We’ll never be royals, Lorde proclaims in her working class manifesto, but we can always feel royal by doing what we want and being who we want to.

Skin Brightening Empowers


Skin brightening is all about that. It’s being who you want to be without having to explain yourself and it’s doing it just right. And if that’s not regal, what is?

In truth, skin whitening has the tendency to go un-royal in a second. It usually happens when we’re playing in the dark. When we’re buying the first brightening cream off a dodgy website and we end up getting hell in a jar and hell on our faces.

When we’re not researching. Because skin care is as much science as it is ritual. Before we can reap the benefits, we’ve got to open a book or so (or click on a few reliable links, that is).

The Journey Towards Opulence


If you’re using a skin whitening cream, we’ve got a question for you: are you having a luscious experience? If indeed you are, high-five. You’re on your way to becoming Queen of Bright. If not, please put down that cream now. And read on.

The skin whitening journey is all about the start. A bad start means a hell of a journey. A good start means you’re half royal already.

And a good start is the Learning chapter. It’s when you separate the good from the bad (aka the Kojic Acid from the Mercury). This is when you investigate which active ingredients in skin whitening creams are mostly harmful — that would be Hydroquinone, the above-mentioned Mercury and a bunch of others too — and which are safe, natural and long-term companions for the road (Arbutin, Kojic Acid, Vitamin C and A, Licorice, etc).

Now that you know what’s good and what’s not, you’ve reached the first checkpoint.

It’s time to make our search engines even more sophisticated. Active ingredients are great to start with, but what about the rest of the ingredients? A cream that has many beneficial agents, such as botanical extracts and vitamins, alongside the active ingredient, will make a good choice because it addresses more skin issues at the same time — you can easily deal with acne, rosacea, wrinkles, sun spots and scars while also brightening.

And that is the true definition of royal — a cream that does everything for you.

Ok, we’re getting there. For our ultimate test, it’s time to separate the “nearly there” from the “right there”. That’s the battle of the brands.

And, while sometimes it’s best to go with your gut, this is all about knowledge. Try to research your top brands for a while. See how they talk about their products. See how their lines look. Do they have highly personalized treatments or are they offering one “miracle” cream for every need? Are they transparent? Do they talk about their product and make sure everything is out in the open? Do they have a different cream for your elbows than the one for your face?

If the answers to those questions are mostly yes, you have a good one on your hands. If not, think twice.

It’s all about YOU


An opulent skin whitening experience starts with knowing that what you’re buying was created especially for your needs. It give you what you want, when you want it.

Skin lightening should be safe, fun and exciting and, if it’s all that, it has the potential to make your skin look positively royal. That glow can never be faked. Makeup doesn’t replace it. Brighter skin means deeper eyes and more contrast for your features to stand out.

That’s a trick every Queen has up her sleeve.