Setting The Record Straight: Debunking Common Skin Care Myths

skin care myths

Skin care is one topic that is afflicted with all manners of myths and ‘miracle’ cures that promise rapid transformation of your skin. For almost all of these myths, you will not get anything close to what was promised and in some cases, could even cause more damage to your skin by using some of these commonly touted skin care solutions. To help you avoid this fate, we have put together a couple of the most common skin care myths and establish truths you should know about them. Read on to understand how to truly protect and care for your skin by avoiding these skin care myths.

Sunscreen Protects Your Skin All Day

Regardless of what you may read on a sunscreen bottle, almost all sunscreens only offer effective protection for about 4 hours. This is why dermatologists recommend constant use of sunscreen to ensure that your skin has optimal protection throughout the day. If your skin is undergoing corrective treatment, it is even more important to apply the sunscreen regularly as various chemicals in the skin care products you are using might make your skin extra vulnerable to the harmful rays of the sun.

You Will Age Just Like Your Parents

Even though genetics play a role in how your skin will pan out over the years, there are so many other factors that affect how your skin will age that it is highly unlikely that your skin will age like that of your parents. Factors such as exposure to the sun, alcohol consumption and smoking all play a part in how your skin will age.

All The Damage To Your Skin Happens Before You Turn 18

This is simply not true. Scientific studies show that most 18 year olds will typically only have suffered 18-23% of the entire skin damage they will get in their lifetimes. This means that there is approximately 80% of skin damage that will happen post-18 years old but that can be tackled by quality skin care products. If you are 18 years old and wondering if it is too late to start doing something about yours skin, worry not, there is still so much that you can do!

Look Beyond The SPF Number On Your Sunscreen

Most people typically look at the SPF number (Sun Protection Factor) when looking to buy sunscreen. However, that is not enough. This is because there are two rays that harm your skin. These are UVA rays, which cause aging, and UVB rays which cause sunburns. The SPF number only shows how much protection you are getting from UVB rays without any mention of UVA rays. To get around this, ensure that when you buy sunscreen, you pick a brand that also has UVA blocking properties as well as UVB protection. This way, your skin has all round protection from all the harmful rays coming from the sun.

Using Moisturizers and Sunscreen Together Is Essential

Most sunscreen products in the market already moisturize your skin as well meaning that there is no need to apply both products, as is the common belief. This is especially true if you have oily skin as too much oil will clog up your pores and can create other skin problems.  If you are going to apply moisturizer separately, please apply the moisturizer first and let it dry before applying the sunscreen. You should consider the Crème De Laser from Skintrium, which apart from being an excellent moisturizer, it also gradually lightens and restores the youthful glow in your skin.

These are just a few of the prevalent skin care myths that are out there. All in all, constant care of your skin and your overall health are some of the best approaches to maintaining a healthy glowing skin.