The Real Effects of Sugar on Your Body and Skin

Reaching for chocolate or candy to get you through stressful days at the office might make you worry you’ll put on weight, but that’s the least of your problems. Sugar has many more disastrous effects on your mind, body and skin that you need to know about.

Skin and Diet

Sugar Leads To Premature Ageing

If you consume sugar regularly, your skin can start to age before its time. This is because sugar sticks to proteins in the blood and forms new molecules. These are known as advanced glycation end products (AGEs) that destroy elastin and collagen, two substances in the skin that are responsible for a youthful, wrinkle-free complexion.

Sugar Puts Your Blood Vessels Under Pressure

When you eat too  much sugar (remember that women are not supposed to have more than six teaspoons a day!), it boosts your body’s insulin levels which can make the muscle cells around blood vessels grow too fast. This tenses up the artery wall and can lead to various health conditions, such as high blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks. Healthy blood vessels are important for good circulation to organs and your skin. If your skin doesn’t get enough blood, it can’t get enough of the oxygen and nutrients in it to look radiant.

Sugar Makes You Moody

If you want to feel calm and happy, don’t reach for sugar. When you eat sugary treats you might feel like you’re giving your body comfort food, but you’re actually causing it stress. Sugar makes your blood sugar levels increase but then drop really quickly, making your mood drop along with it. In addition, when your moods are all over the place and you’re stressed out, your body’s hormones go out of whack, which causes your skin’s oil glands to produce more oil, resulting in acne.

Skin and Diet

Sugar Damages Your Heart

A recent study found that sugar contains a molecule known as glucose metabolite glucose 6-phosphate that changes the muscle proteins in the heart, affecting how your heart pumps blood. This can increase your risk of heart failure.

Sugar Makes You Anxious

There’s definitely a link between sugar and feelings of anxiousness. In a study, when rats ate a lot of sugar and then were taken off it, they showed signs of anxiety. If you are prone to anxiety, sugar can make you feel worse and it will show on your face. Anxiety can trigger skin conditions such as eczema and even allergies because it boosts the cortisol hormone in your blood, lowering your body’s defenses so that even the skincare products you use regularly may trigger allergic reactions.

Skin and Diet

Sugar is Addictive!

Research has found that sugar is more addictive than cocaine! In an animal study, when rats were allowed to choose between cocaine or sugar water, 94 percent of them chose the sugar. The rats in the study were also more willing to work harder to get the sugar instead of the drug. Sugar releases dopamine in the brain that makes us feel good and makes us crave more sugar, putting us at greater risk of all the above health problems.

Sugar might taste sweet but it leaves a bitter taste in your mouth when you consider all of the negative effects it can have on your body, mind and skin. Remove it from your diet, making sure you also banish those sneaky added sugars, and welcome greater health and beauty.