Are You Ready For Your Bridal Beauty Routine?

briday beauty routine

It’s your wedding day. As you walk down the aisle, all eyes are on you. But just keep smiling because you know you look gorgeous. And when the day is over, you can review your photos and be proud. If you want the aforementioned to come true, then here are 6 tips for your bridal beauty routine to give you the confidence that you’ll be beautiful all day:

Test Run Your Make Up

Every bride has heard of a “hair test run”, but how about a “makeup test run”? At least three months before your wedding day, set an appointment with a makeup artist. Experiment with different looks. Do you want soft and romantic? Edgy and sexy? Have a friend take photos in different lighting to be sure you get it just right.

Get a Smooth Surface

Having trouble getting the look you want from your makeup? Try using a primer under your foundation. It smooths out the surface of your skin and your makeup will stay in place all day. A hydrating facial serum works wonders too. For softer and smoother skin, apply daily – and don’t forget your lips. Of course, a few clay or oatmeal facials over the next several months will refine your skin making it look brighter and clearer, too. The F&F Pigment Reduce Physical Facial Smoother (also available in a body smoother) can help with smoothing, while F&F Encapsulated Infused Hydration can assist in keeping your skin hydrated.

Speaking of Skin

Lots of hugs mean lots of touching, especially if you’re wearing a strapless gown. Start a routine of using body scrubs while you shower and applying deep moisturizing lotions after you step out. Don’t forget rough spots like elbows and hands and often missed places like your back and shoulders.

Pamper Your Hands

Everyone will want to see your ring as soon as you announce your engagement. Be proud to show it off with pretty hands and nails. Keep hand lotion in your purse and use it often. Get a manicure every two weeks and shape your nails to match your nail bed for an elegant look.

Don’t Forget Those Pearly Whites

Keep smiling for those wedding photos, confident that your teeth are lovely and bright. Get a professional cleaning with your hygienist, then keep it up with white strips and/or a whitening toothpaste. You may be living on coffee and diet cola right now, but no one else has to know!

Shape Up Your Diet

Let’s face it, few topical products can give your skin a healthy glow if your diet is all junk food. Stay away from too much sodium, sugar, and processed foods. Fried foods, alcohol, and carbs lead to bloating, belly fat, and puffiness. Substitute it with lots of water, green vegetables, and fruit. Take a walk every day to reduce your stress and burn a few calories. You’ll be delighted with the results.

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. By making a few simple changes in your daily routine and including Skintrium’s lightening, hydrating, smoothing, and rejuvenating products. By the time your big day comes, you’ll also see a significant difference in how you look and feel. And everyone attending will notice too!