The Quest to Find the Best Skin Whitening Cream

You know, it’s not just the cream, it’s what you use it for.

Whitening might be one word, but it refers to a lot of different problem areas. Think your elbows are as easy to whiten as your belly? What about your lovely face? And those stubborn, reasonably hidden underarms. All of them want attention and all of them have different needs. So read on as we begin the quest to find the best skin whitening cream.

The Sensitive Issue


But before we get into that, though, let’s talk skin sensitivity.

We’ve all had rough times. Say you’re one of those women who get an overly dry visage in winter. Or, on the opposite end, your summertime sadness is break-out related and the battle takes place on your forehead.

We’ve all been there. But some of us are luckier than others. And the worse luck is sitting on sensitive shoulders. Yeah, you know who you are. Getting red skin all the time? Having trouble with new moisturizers? Face dryer than the Sahara? Don’t be shy, show your face.

And bear with us as we tell you what the deal with whiteners is and how you can marry a brightener without suffering too much.

Skin whitening creams work because they have an active ingredient in them. That can be synthetic (boo!) or naturally-derived (yaaay!). While some are more aggressive than others, all of them have a belligerent attitude towards your skin. And that’s because they work. They need to battle it out with your derm, otherwise they’ll make no difference.

With sensitive skin, it’s really important to go for the least threatening component and make sure it comes in the same package with soothing ingredients.

Alpha Arbutin, for once, is one of the safest, yet most efficient alternatives to harsher whitening agents and, surprise, it’s extracted from an unassuming little bush called the bearberry.

When it comes in conjuncture with calming ingredients, such as Aloe Vera, Vitamins A and E and other botanical extracts, Alpha Arbutin can do wonders, as well as keep your skin protected from damage.

Your Body’s Message



But what about your body’s complicated whitening map?

To solve the puzzle, follow our lead. First, tell us what you want to whiten. Is it your… face? Arms? Thighs? Back?


Your face is a good place to start. It’s what you show the world each day and most women feel the need to go lighter on their cheeks, nose and forehead at first.

Good. You’ve got many options here. Not only can you choose from suntan reducing creams, which act as a last resort when you know you’ve stayed in the sun for too long, but you can also go for an intensive treatment as well as tonics, which prepare your face for lightening, while also mildly brightening the skin. Oh, and there’s also lip exfoliator and balm, so you basically have everything covered, no matter your age or skin type.

Hands, Knees, And Elbows

Your hands, knees and elbows are all together because, you guessed it, they’re pretty darn tough to whiten. We won’t lie, these little suckers give us a hard time on a regular basis.

Good thing skin whitening companies have thought about that. What would we do without (some of) them?

Here’s the thing: when you’re starting a bleaching routine for those tough areas, you’d better have a plan. Don’t just go for one body lotion. Attack the problem from multiple directions. A soap for daily use is a good place to start. Double that effect with a good old whitening body milk and top it off with some intensive brightening gel. Sooner or later, you’ll see the difference.

Under the Eyes

On the other end of the spectrum, we’ve got your precious little eyes.



Ok, you’re not whitening the eyes per se. You’re trying to work on what’s under them. Those frail, sensitive stripes of skin which have the the bad habit of sagging and turning dark after a long night or, even worse, after some rough years.

To address hyperpigmentation around the eyes, the solution is pretty straightforward: don’t use a normal whitening cream, but a dedicated gel. An under-eye gel, gentle but powerful, is what you need. With an emphasis on gentle, ok?

And remember: never, and we mean it, use any other whitener under your eyes. That’s a too-close-to-disaster situation. You have been warned!

In the end, there’s no “best whitening cream”. Sorry, but it’s true. There’s just a best whitening cream for your specific needs. Which means choosing what you apply to your skin is your own responsibility and it takes a bit of effort. Don’t worry, it’s not that hard. You can do it!