Do You Have Rosacea?


If individuals suffering from a condition known as rosacea can gain a better understanding of it, they have a better chance of successfully dealing with it. There are a number of products on the market that can assist those with the condition. Additionally, changes in lifestyle are recommended – i.e. using facial products containing SPF, as the sun has a direct, detrimental effect on the sufferers. One product that is both skin whitener and sunscreen is Skintrium’s F&F 80xF Face White Gel.  Read More

Foods To Eat That Keep Your Skin Hydrated

foods to eat to stay hydrated

Certain individuals are more prone to dry skin than others. And some parts of the world have an atmosphere that seems completely lacking when it comes to humidity or moisture. If dry skin has become a problem for you, you probably already know what needs to be done. You need to keep your skin hydrated. But is that easier said than done? Not necessarily, as long as you’re willing to make a few changes in your diet and lifestyle or skincare regime.  Read More

How To Heal Hypertrophic Scars

heal Hypertrophic Scars

One of the things that can result from an injury, among other undesirable symptoms, is a hypertrophic scar. You may be thinking that a scar is a scar, but that’s not exactly accurate. What make hypertrophic scars different from others are their characteristics. They are frequently elevated and red.  Read More