Skin Care Resolutions To Make For The New Year

skin care resolutions for 2017

Every year, we all have resolutions we intend to make for the new year. We get upbeat about these them, and hope to fulfill as many resolutions as possible. This year, topmost on your list should be taking better care of your skin. Here are a few skin care resolutions that you should make to keep your skin looking great. Invest In Sunscreen And Use It Regularly Always make sure before you step out of the house, you apply sunscreen and keep reapplying it when necessary. Sunscreen is the best  Read More

Why Are Dark Spots Becoming More Prevalent?

dark spots becoming more prevalent

Dark spots – also known as hyperpigmentation – is a serious matter and, unfortunately, not one that is easily fixed. Whether you have very fair skin or very dark, the potential for changes in the skin is the same. Women throughout the world strive for smooth and flawless skin as a symbol of their youth and beauty. But more and more, uneven skin tone and dark spots mar their attempts for perfection. Why is this happening? And what, if anything, can a woman do to prevent these changes in her  Read More

Top Anti-Acne Tips That You Need To Know

anti-acne tips

There are an infinite number of anti-acne creams, gels, soaps, etc. on the market – each with their own claims, spokesperson, reported studies, well… blah, blah, blah. It’s all so very weary. What’s an acne sufferer really to do? Below are a few tips on not just how to care for acne but what to do on the lines of make-up while it heals/clears. And know this - there is no magic, miracle treatment that will clear up your skin and leave it smooth and fresh overnight, particularly in the case of  Read More