What Are Age Spots & How Do We Combat Them?

combat age spots

Age spots, also known as lentigines, liver spots or sun spots, are dark splotches that appear on the face, hands and arms as someone ages. This condition is caused by being exposed to too much sun and the skin forms an increased pigmentation of unraised splotches. These spots can appear as small freckles on the skin and sometimes they appear as circles up to one centimeter diameter to parts of the human body that are exposed to the sun a lot.. These spots are not dangerous but they can make  Read More

Is Hyperpigmentation Really That Hard To Eliminate?

eliminate hyperpigmentation

Hyperpigmentation, or dark spots on your skin, is a condition that afflicts many people. The dark spots understandably can cause a severe lack of self-esteem and loss of confidence. There are many myths about how to get rid of hyperpigmentation with some of them being out rightly untruthful and misleading. So, is hyperpigmentation really that hard to get rid? Understanding What Causes Hyperpigmentation Before we dive into treatments, it is a good idea to first understand what causes  Read More

Setting The Record Straight: Debunking Common Skin Care Myths

skin care myths

Skin care is one topic that is afflicted with all manners of myths and ‘miracle’ cures that promise rapid transformation of your skin. For almost all of these myths, you will not get anything close to what was promised and in some cases, could even cause more damage to your skin by using some of these commonly touted skin care solutions. To help you avoid this fate, we have put together a couple of the most common skin care myths and establish truths you should know about them. Read on to  Read More