Celebrities and Their Skin Lightening Secrets

celebrities and their skin lightening secrets

Celebrities are expected to look perfect at all times. How do they keep their skin looking smooth, unblemished, and glowing? Well, another fact you should know is that many of them are using products for skin lightening. While some are open about it, others strongly deny the claims. Check out this list of celebrities and their skin lightening secrets:  Read More

The Connection Between Acne and Stress

connection between acne and stress

For some people, the minute they find themselves in a stressful situation, their complexion reflects their emotions. Whether they're studying for an important test, putting the final touches on a work presentation, planning for the holidays, or dealing with other issues, their skin erupts with blemishes and acne. Is it just their imagination – or do acne and stress really have a connection? Read on to decide for yourself. Only Anecdotal Evidence Frankly, acne flare-ups may not just be in your  Read More

How Can Men Deal With Melasma?

how men can cope with melasma

Melasma is a painless but unsightly skin condition where spots on the skin darken and turn gray-brown or brown. There is no known cause, although overexposure to the sun and a family history increases the probability of contracting it. It does not require medical intervention and only ten percent of the diagnosed cases are men. Because it usually occurs on the face, arms, and neck, many men and women are looking for solutions and treatments to reduce its appearance. Keep reading to learn more  Read More