Natural Skin Lightening Products for You

Ok, green momma, this one’s for you. We know you’ll have none of that synthetic ridiculousness and you could probably teach us a thing or two about how to switch from our regular cosmetics to an all-natural beauty regimen.

But start a  natural skin lightening conversation with us, and you’ll have a worthy partner. That’s our job, you know.

So if you’re an all-natural diva looking to lighten her skin, but you think there’s nothing you can do to actually get the dramatic effects regular cosmetics companies promise, read on. There might be something out there for you, who knows (hint: we know).

The Sweet Escape


If you’ve stayed under the sun for more than the doctor recommends, than you’re a bad, bad girl and should be scolded. After the scolding you thoroughly deserve, let’s get back to what’s really important: how to make that tan vanish, disappear, dissolve, fade into nothingness.

The answer: lemon and honey.

Wait a second. Why are you putting the kettle on? This is a skin whitening article, not a how to make a cup of tea column.

Right. Lemon and honey brighten the skin. Lemon is one of Mother Nature’s exfoliators, while honey moisturizes and heals. Apply lemon juice to a clean face. See how your skin interacts with it. If it starts stinging too much, it’s time to take it off. But, if not, you could leave it on for five minutes.

After the lemon treatment, slather some organic honey on your face and leave it on for as long as you can. Go for 20 minutes if you’re adventurous.

Use the mask regularly if you want visible results.

A Passage To India


When looking for natural remedies, tried and tested, we automatically think of those parts of the world where skin lightening is an age-long cultural tradition.

India is definitely part of the pack. And what’s on top of the skin whitening list of the Bharat (official name for the country) population? Turmeric.

One of the oldest whitening fixes, turmeric is used to this day.

To make the best of its skin lightening properties, go for a mask in which powdered turmeric is mixed with raw milk, sandalwood and besan (aka gram flour). The milk will make the whole concoction into a paste, which means you can easily apply it to your face.

Don’t forget to wash and moisturize before using this one, just so you don’t dry out your skin too much. The trick is to not let the mask dry out entirely. As soon as you notice it stretching, just dip your fingers in milk and rub your face again, just so you get it back to that paste texture.

A Fruity Option


This face mask is as simple as it gets. It involves one of our all-time favorite fruits and a bit of smash and apply.

The fruit: papaya. Just like carrots, this exotic fruit is packed with beta carotene and good enzymes that work wonders for the skin. And, while that’s all good, what we’re particularly interested in is the secret ingredient that makes skin lightening with papaya a relevant option.

That ingredient exists (and it has an adorably ridiculous name). Papain works as a mild exfoliator, it decreases pigmentation and softens the skin.

All you need to do, now that you know this, is grab a papaya, make a paste out of the pulp, apply it to your lovely face and leave it on for 15 minutes. If you’re a juice kind of girl, you can also squeeze that out and use a cotton ball to get it all over your face. This one stays on for 20 minutes.

The Blush Effect


Other go-to nature’s miracle whiteners are raw potato, the ever-present aloe vera, coconut water, yogurt and tomato. The trick is to pick the right one for your skin.

For instance, if you’re prone to redness and your bathroom counter is populated by sensitive skin creams and serums, you’ll probably have a hard time with that lemon option. On the other hand, yogurt seems to be a good choice, because it’s mild.

Buy It In A Jar


Of course, not all of us have the time and resilience to actually switch to a “if you can’t eat it, don’t use it” type of beauty regimen.

For all of us lazy/busy go-green girls, cosmetics companies have created products that give us the best of both worlds: botanical ingredients and modern technology.

To get it right, eyes on the ingredients list each time you choose a new cream. Be on the lookout for magic makers such as Aloe Vera, Kojic Acid, Ginseng, Cucumber, Citrus Extract, Carrot or Avocado Oil and Rice Extract.

One of our favorite for the warm seasons is a good, nature-based sun damage treatment cream. We always pack the Enhanced Suntan Reducing Cream every time we go on holiday, especially if we’re heading for sunny islands or beaches.

And, when that’s not enough, we make sure to give our skin a good lightening-hydrating powershot overnight. We love our Creme de Laser, which is packed with green tea, oat protein extract, rosemary leaf and natural oils, as well as Kojic Acid.

In general, nature-based skin whitening is the answer for all those guys and girls who fear getting side-effects from synthetic bleachers. It’s also a good way to avoid those hidden dangers in commercial skin whiteners, like preservatives.

Try it, test it, pick your favorite and go with it. And let us know how it worked for you.

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