Makeup at the Dior Ready to Wear Autumn-Winter 2014-15 Show

Trend setting all year long, Dior is a fashion inspiration to us all. But this year, the Ready-to-Wear Autumn-Winter show set trends that are easy for any woman to wear. With palettes you probably already have in your makeup bag, Dior has made it simple for you to enhance your natural beauty with bold colors to establish yourself as an urban woman with style.

Artistic Director of Christian Dior, Raf Simons, says that the inspiration for this year’s show was “a woman with power and energy in a very definite way. I wanted to pursue powerful tailoring, to offer another reality, another function. This season is less about the leisure of the garden and more about the pace of the city. I am attracted to the reality of the urban world and environment, not just to the leisured world of ‘the moment’ – that world of the event or the party. This Dior woman inhabits both”.

The makeup used for this year’s show really emphasizes this idea of the urban world and environment – the simplicity of the natural beauty of a woman but highlighted by a bold color which is the influence of the urban world around her.

In this photo, we see the look of sophistication with natural skin and lip. This khaki-green eye shows the influence of the urban world while still maintaining that couture beauty. The green is perfect for a warm autumn feel, as well as pairing beautiful with all natural hair colors. It’s a gorgeous color on everyone. It’s bold in a natural way that brings out the color in your eyes as well as whatever you are wearing.

The boldness of this color paired with the neutral palette of the rest of the face embodies this “city lights” infused inspiration of the concrete jungle. Using the city as an abstraction to base their looks off of this year, it created a universal style that really translates to any skin tone and any woman. By adding a layer of boldness to natural makeup and beauty, this pairing of colors and edgy clothing creates the look of this “new woman” than Simons was going for.

By contrasting the femininity of color and the basic neutrality of the face, layers were used on all of the models to show silhouettes of the everyday urban woman, and how the city can inspire her to really pop with color and shine – much like the city lights and edginess of the city. It gave natural beauty a fun edge, and gave the entire show the feeling of the girl next door who can create her own street style.

Overall, the show seems to have been a success, as these looks definitely gave the sense of empowered women who were bold and electric. When Dior says “Ready-to-Wear,” they really mean it – because this style is simple enough for the everyday woman to pull off, and can easily pump up the attitude for any street style.

If you’d like to watch the show, it’s available online, so get inspired with these looks today: