Make Smart Dietary Choices To Achieve Skin Whitening!

dietary choices for skin whitening

Unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with a flawlessly bright skin. Everyone wants a skin that is brighter and fairer looking but only a few people can boast to having such skin. If you don’t have the right skin complexion the good news is that you can use natural ingredients to achieve skin whitening. We will look at foods that you can include in your daily diet that will help to whiten your skin. Such foods include:


Soybeans have isoflavone present which is a good anti-ageing solution. The isoflavone acts like phytoestrogen which helps to fight ageing and maintains the skin’s radiance. You can get soybean from tofu and soybean milk as well.

Dark Chocolate

Dark chocolate contains cocoa polyphenols and flavonoids which are antioxidants that help with skin whitening. You can regularly enjoy dark chocolate treats to protect your skin from the sun’s harmful UV rays and also improve the texture. Eating dark chocolate regularly will definitely improve your complexion but you have to be patient as the process may be slow but effective.


Bananas contain Vitamins A, B and E which reduces dead skin cells hence improving the skin tone. You can include a banana in your diet every day to help whiten your skin. You can eat as a fruit salad or simply mash it and apply on your face.


Fish is known as the best source of vitamins and omega 3 fatty acids. The combination of these nutrients makes fish the best treatment for skin whitening and also shiny hair. Have fish at least once a week and ensure that you bake it so that vitamins can stay intact rather than deep frying it.


There are several factors like stress that can cause uneven skin tone. Strawberries contain vitamin C which keeps the skin fresh and glowing.


Beetroot is one of the most beneficial and healthiest vegetables. Beetroot contains iron, magnesium, fiber and phosphorus. It also contains Vitamins A, B and C which cleanses skin pores and whitens the skin. Beetroot is known to give a natural pink glow to the cheeks. Beetroot can be eaten every day and you can apply in a salad or blend to make beetroot juice.


If you suffer from acne, your skin is bound to have blemishes which can give you a darker complexion. Papaya contains Vitamins A and E which contain antioxidants that help whiten the skin. You can use papaya as a face scrub or face pack for clearer skin.


Tomato contains a type of carotene known as Lycopene. Tomato helps to smoothen out uneven skin tones by removing pigmentation caused by sun burns. Tomato not only whitens the skin but it also helps in weight loss and preventing cancer.

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