Let’s Play A Skin Aging Prediction Game!

skin aging prediction game

Do you gaze into the mirror and wonder what happened? Or do you look at your friends and smile to yourself? Has someone mistaken you for your daughter, or worse, your mother? Much of how we age is due to our genes, but skin aging is also affected by lifestyle.

Aging Is Inevitable

As we age, our skin changes. The texture varies, it becomes drier, and lines, wrinkles, and dark spots appear. How quickly this happens is not only affected by genetics but also how we live. Getting older may be inevitable, but looking older isn’t!

Vibrant, glowing skin is a sign of good health and youth. What you put on your skin as well as how you live makes a huge difference. Take our quiz to see where you fall in the skin aging spectrum and discover how to look as young as you feel.

Let’s Play!

Keep track of your score, then check your results at the bottom of the page.

Give yourself 20 points if you wash your face and apply night cream every night.

  • Add 20 points if you use sunscreen.
  • Add 15 points if you watch your diet and enjoy fruits and vegetables every day.
  • Add 15 points if you walk, practice yoga, or do other stress reducing activities.
  • Add 10 points if you cleanse, tone, and moisturize your face every day.
  • Add 10 points if you use skin care products with anti-aging ingredients such as Vitamin C, Collagen, Peptides, or Hyaluronic Acid.
  • Add 5 points if you take vitamins every day.
  • Add 5 points if you use a moisturizing body wash.
  • Add 10 points if you drink 64 oz. of water every day.

Have Your Total? Good. Now Comes the Hard Part

  • Subtract 20 points if you smoke.
  • Subtract 20 points if you never exercise.
  • Subtract 15 points if you tan – either at the pool/beach or in a booth.
  • Subtract 15 points if you eat more sugar than you should (yes you do!).
  • Subtract 10 points if you don’t get seven to eight hours of sleep every night.
  • Subtract 10 points if you drink at least one glass of wine, beer, or mixed drink a day.
  • Subtract 5 points if you live with someone who smokes – even if you don’t.
  • Subtract 5 points if you have teenagers.


0 – 25 points        Uh oh. It looks like you have some work to do.

25 – 50 points      Consider taking a few more precautions to keep yourself looking your best.

50 – 100 points    Good for you!  You’re taking care of yourself.

No matter your score, there are ways to look younger and fresher. Skintrium has a plethora of products, including F&F Nutritive Pigmentation Reduce Cleansing Milk which removes makeup and impurities from your skin, Physical Pigment Reduce Body Smoother for soft and glowing skin from neck to toe, and White Tea Cellular Refining Rinse to use after washing and before moisturizing your face.

There’s no time like the present to start treating yourself better and looking more beautiful!