It’s a Journey: Finding the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Me


Every person has their own special brand of beauty – and that’s a good thing! Without our differences, the world would be a pretty boring place. Not surprisingly, when considering all the diversity out there, skincare is no exception. You can take endless advice from friends and family or magazines giving you the latest scoop on your icon’s style secrets, but ultimately your beauty needs will be as unique as your own skin.

When in search for the best skin whitening cream, how do you find and fall in love with the one that’s right just for you? We’re here to talk you through the journey to your perfect skin whitening match!

Take recommendations with a grain of salt.

If you’re anything like us, you love reading beauty blogs, looking at the gorgeous pictures, and imagining yourself using the recommended products to achieve your own amazing results! “If only I bought that serum, my skin would be fabulous!”

But it’s important to remember most of those models are photographer under the most perfect conditions, and even then photoshopped to hide any lingering imperfections! Don’t get us wrong, many blogs are ethical, and we wouldn’t know what to do without our favorite beauty-hack sites!

Be smart and take a step back to “consider the source.” Cross reference multiple review sites. Ask questions. Check ingredients! Be diligent!

Remember price isn’t always indicative of quality (but sometimes it is).

Often, expensive items marked up because they’re selling the idea of luxury more than they’re delivering great results. The packaging is chic, the clientele is high brow, it must be good. Not so fast… the most important question is this: are you getting cost-effective results? Be honest with yourself! And the second question: how does it feel on your skin?

There are definitely some luxurious brands that put their money where their price tag is! (Where would we be without Chanel and Armani? Perish the thought!) However, listen to your intuition and don’t satisfy yourself with someone else’s version of the best cream!

Give products time to work.


This is crucial, and we will give you an example: years ago, a few members of our staff decided to try Retin-A. (For those of you who don’t know, Retin-A is a brand of retinol, a form of Vitamin A that encourages skin renewal, plumps up wrinkles, and generally does awesome things to your face!) However, dermatologists always warn that there will be an adjustment period during which skin can actually appear worse.

The girls who quit after a few weeks never saw the results. However, those of us who kept going noticed remarkable changes after a few months of use! So give your products time to deliver and change your skin on a cellular level. Then, if you still aren’t satisfied, move on!

Don’t beat yourself up!

I know it sounds hard! You want results and you want them now. In a society where we operate at a mile a minute, instant gratification feels like the norm. It can be hard to endure lots of trial and error. But our advice is to be patient and gentle with yourself. Try to enjoy the process. That way, when you find your favorite cream, it will make the victory so much sweeter.

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