How To Get Whiter Skin In Just A Few Days

For every special occasion you want caught on camera—from birthdays to weddings to a girls’ night out—you want your skin looking its best. Even for the everyday, the best accessory you can wear is healthy, clear skin.

If your skin isn’t where you want it to be—whether it is due to blemishes, uneven skin tone, or genetics—know that whiter skin is attainable with the proper care and products. In fact, you can have whiter skin in days with the right skin care regimen.


A vital step towards whiter skin would be to reduce your exposure to the sun. Environmental elements such the harmful rays of the sun can do the most damage to your skin, and leave you with sun spots and an uneven skin tone.

It is important to not go outdoors and be in contact with the sun’s rays when it isn’t necessary. Furthermore, when you do have to be outdoors, use plenty of sunscreen, wear long-sleeved protective clothing and/or use a wide-brimmed hat or parasol. This will ensure your skin won’t be directly hit by the sun’s rays and your skin won’t get darker either. This very step can aid in getting whiter skin.

While genetics plays a big part in your physical appearance, your lifestyle choices as well give you leeway in terms of how you look. What you eat can impact the condition of your skin, so it is pertinent to eat good food.

Vitamin C is an important component to have in your diet to attain better looking skin. Its antioxidant properties fight free radicals that age your skin. Furthermore, a study shows that in the body, Vitamin C raises the levels of glutathione, another antioxidant which fights toxins which cause hyperpigmentation. You can also get glutathione from foods such as avocados and tomatoes.

You can obtain your daily amount of Vitamin C from citrus fruits and foods such as broccoli, green and red peppers, and sweet potatoes, and you can use Skintrium products that contain the skin brightening powers of Vitamin C such as the Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser. You will start to see noticeably healthier, brighter skin in days.

In general, fruits and vegetables are packed with other components such as Vitamin A that work to whiten the skin, so be sure to include fruits and vegetables into your meals every day.

When it comes to using skin care products to whiten your skin, having a pre-whitening regimen can enhance the effects of the product. Cleansing your face at least twice a day can ensure that there isn’t a buildup of dirt and oil on your face, so a skin care product can seep into your skin and take effect more efficiently.

Along with cleansing, exfoliating your skin aids in removing a buildup of dead skin cells which can be another cause of hyperpigmention. Exfoliate once or twice a week to reveal a layer of smoother and more even toned skin. Be aware that over cleansing and exfoliating though can irritate the skin. Opt for a facial wash such as the Pigment Reduce Physical Face Smoother when you cleanse and exfoliate.

Eat right, protect your skin, and use skin whitening products and you will see visibly whiter skin in just a few days.

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