Get Your Facts On These Skin Brightening Myths!

skin brightening myths

Todat, more people have embraced skin brightening to treat dark spots and uneven skin tone. However, there are a ton of articles that have been circulating that misinform the public about skin lightening and brightening. People are now confused about what they need to believe and what not to about skin brightening. There are skin brightening myths that need to be addressed and this article will help set the record straight on the issue.

Skin Brightening Is In Fact Skin Bleaching

This myth has made the people believe that all skin brightening products are in fact skin bleaching products while this is not the case. Unfortunately, there are a few skin whitening products in the market that are made using questionable ingredients that end up doing more damage to the skin than their real intent. The speculation that all skin brightening products are skin bleaches is atrocious since these two products fall on separate categories.

Uneven skin tones are caused by uneven melanin distribution which is brought about by different factors like harmful UV rays or hormonal imbalance. Skin brightening products are formulated specifically to target dark spots and uneven skin tone.

There Is No Way Of Brightening A Dark Spot Without The Surrounding Area Getting Lightened

Some skin brightening formulas try to eliminate dark spots by damaging cells that produce melanin. These products end up causing skin bleaching. However, genuine skin brightening products are formulated to correct dark spots by targeting specific cells that over produce melanin by breaking the chain of production.

This way, even the most stubborn dark spots fade gently without affecting the skin surrounding the spot. F&F Hyper-Pigmentation Reduce Body Cleanser from skintrium helps to address hyperpigmentation and sun/age spots by cleansing and lightening the affected areas. The product contains natural lactic acid, oat, sunflower and soy to leave your skin fresh and radiant.

Skin Brightening Products Help Eliminate Acne Scars

Serious acne often leads to skin breaks which after healing leaves scarring. Scarring changes the texture of the skin which is different from hyperpigmentation. As we have mentioned earlier, skin brightening products are used to clear uneven skin tones and dark spots so there is no way they can help to clear acne scars. However, there are several skin products that can be applied to improve the texture of the skin caused by acne scars.

Once An Uneven Skin Tone Is Improved After Using A Skin Brightening Product, It Stays That Way

The truth to this statement totally depends on you. Just because you get positive results after using a skin brightening product does not mean that your complexion will automatically remain good at all times. You have to continue with daily skin care routines to maintain a brighter, lighter look. Since pigmentation is mostly caused by harmful UV rays, you need to ensure that you apply a sunscreen not less than 25 SPF to protect your skin. Smoking also causes pigmentation and dark spots so you need to reduce the number of sticks you have on a daily basis or better yet quit smoking completely.