These Foods Can Trigger Your Next Acne Breakout!

foods that cause acne breakout

Acne continues to be one of the top skin conditions that both men and women struggle with. The last thing anyone wants is a pimple breakout just when you have an important date or you are scheduled to host a very vital business presentation. In the latter years, acne breakout was mostly associated with teenagers but now more adults are facing the same predicament making it a major problem.

Research shows that there are certain foods that contribute to acne breakouts but at the same time these foods have been known to have different effects to different people. We have compiled a list of foods that you need to keep in your watch list to avoid if you are experiencing acne breakouts.

Though you can have flawless skin by using a product like F&F Physical Pigment Reduce Body Smoother, for great and smoother skin care from head to toe, good eating habits, by all means will go a long way in giving you great skin. You can try removing all of these foods from your diet all at once or you can try one food at a time to identify which one affects your skin condition.

Spicy Foods

There have been speculations that spicy foods tend to lead to acne problems. This has not yet been scientifically proven with dermatologists still insisting that factors like fluctuating hormones and cosmetics are the key causes for acne breakouts. However, there have been a number of cases where patients have insisted that when they take spicy foods they experience a pimple breakout. If you eat spicy food, try to cut down and see if this can be a trigger for your acne problem.


Chocolate and other fatty foods have been the number one culprits for causing acne. It has been proven that high sugar diets increase the production of sebum which in turn promotes inflammatory responses leading to acne. If you are experiencing acne and have a sweet tooth, you need to check your chocolate intake and try to minimize your intake or stop altogether. Try to take more high diet foods like fresh fruits and vegetables which helps greatly with improving your skin condition.


Cheese is another food known to be linked with acne. A research published by the ‘’ The Clear Skin Diet’’ states that a group of teenagers confessed to have a taste for cheese confirmed that they experienced an acne breakout after indulging more in cheese intake. Cheese and dairy products have a high concentration of fat which triggers the body to produce more insulin and in turn pushes the body to produce more high sugar. Cheese is known to be beneficial to the body but you need to control your intake to ensure you don’t saturate your body with too much fat which leads to acne.


Scientific research shows that there is no definite link between acne and nuts. Nuts have proteins and unless taken in moderation they do not contribute to acne. However, there are a variety of consumer goods that have nuts as an ingredient and when consumed on a high level they can lead to acne. High-glycaemic diets are a contributor to pimples and you need to be careful to the amount of nut you include in your diet on a daily basis.