Flaunt Your Beautiful Fair Skin Just Like a Celebrity

Fair skin has become trendy and stylish, with popular celebrities showing off their pale yet polished complexions and leaving the rest of us in envy. The key to mastering a fair complexion so you look vivacious instead of like a vampire involves boosting radiance and following healthy skin care advice.

Here are some of the best celebrity tips to achieving vibrant fair skin. Time to fade that tan and celebrate your beautifully natural complexion!


Emma Stone

With her rich red hair and green eyes that beautifully complement her pale skin, actress Emma Stone always looks gorgeous. It might surprise you to know Emma has really dry skin to which she has to apply oils so that it stays hydrated. She sticks to natural ingredients as much as possible because her skin is also quite sensitive, exfoliating with kitchen ingredients such as baking soda and moisturizing with olive oil.

Using natural products is a great way to maintain your skin’s smoothness so that your complexion doesn’t become dull. Brightening lotions that contain luxurious moisturizing agents such as olive oil or shea butter can also help to make your skin luminous.

When wearing makeup, a good tip is to choose bold lip colors as often spotted on Emma. Pale shades on your lips can be draining and lifeless, so boost your luminous factor with a nice bright lipstick.


Rachel McAdams

When you have pale skin you want it to look radiant, as it always does on Rachel McAdams. The Mean Girls actress gets her makeup done by her sister who has some great tips for perfecting a glowing complexion. She insists on powder bronzer with a bit of highlighter over it to instantly brighten up fair skin. However, keeping your natural skin at its healthiest with regular exfoliation and daily moisturizing is an important part of achieving perfect skin.

Your skin can’t look radiant if it’s got accumulated dead skin cells or looks dry, so use an exfoliating soap that will gently slough away dead skin and reveal a fresher complexion underneath. Choosing a natural exfoliating product that’s infused with brightening ingredients can kill two birds with one stone: it brings new cells to the surface of your skin while giving you a more radiant appearance. Carrera White Corrective Cleansing Solid is a soap that contains citrus fruit extracts so your newly-exfoliated skin is refreshed and revived.


Anne Hathaway

When it comes to protecting your pale skin, SPF is a must and one of actress Anne Hathaway’s beauty secrets to achieving such lustrous fair skin. She also uses oatmeal and lemon to exfoliate her skin and keep it glowing, and insists on drinking lots of water every day. This is a great way to keep your skin healthy and hydrated from the inside.

However, one of the mistakes she and other fair-skinned women have made with their pale skin is to leave their eyes completely bare of makeup when stepping out to an event. This makes fair skin look pasty and drawn-out. If you have pale skin, you want to accentuate your eyes to make them more distinctive. This doesn’t mean you need lots of makeup, though. Some eyeliner in a rich and warm color, such as brown, and a swipe of eye liner instantly refreshes the face, highlights your eyes, and brings life to a pale complexion.

Fair skin is gorgeous so let your natural skin tone shine! Make sure you follow some of the above celebrity secrets and tips to achieve beautiful and luxurious skin.

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