How to Fix Age Spots in Lighter Skin Types

Age Spots

Your fair skin can look mottled and old when age spots strike, and they often feel harder to fix because they’re so much more obvious against your fair skin. What causes them and how can you reclaim your gorgeous skin?

What Causes Age Spots?

They’re called age spots but are they linked to getting older? Not really. They don’t just happen to your skin because of time, like wrinkles. The reason why age spots are thought to be caused by ageing is because they tend to appear after many years of sun damage. In fact, the sun is to blame for most age spot problems in light-skinned people.

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By speeding up your skin’s melanin production, the sun causes these patches and spots to appear. They are commonly found on areas of the body that are most exposed to the light, such as your hands and face.
Treatments for Age Spots

Although age spots feel like a spotlight on your face, telling the world that you’ve got damaged skin, it doesn’t mean you have to surrender. There are effective treatments, such as chemical exfoliation that penetrates the surface layer of skin and eliminates the skin’s melanin. Another idea is intense pulsed light photofacials that use light to zap spots, and if they’re surface spots they can usually get removed after just one session.

Skin-lightening creams to remove pigmentation are often recommended by dermatologists, whether they are used alone or in conjunction with other skin treatments.

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Why You Need A Skin-Lightening Cream

The reason why skin-lightening creams are so highly recommended to treat age spots is because they form part of your daily skincare routine, helping to gently eliminate spots without any side-effects to your skin. So you can get on with your day while your lotion gets to work.

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But not just any cream will do. You need a skin-lightening product such as the Face Lighten & Rejuvenating Fluid that is filled with natural and botanical ingredients to lighten your skin without the use of harmful toxins, while its antioxidants help to nourish your skin. The result is a complexion that is not just free of age spots, but luminous and healthy.

Tips For Using a Skin-Lightening Cream

  • For best results when using a skin-lightening cream to treat age spots, always read the product’s instructions. A product such as the Face Lighten & Rejuvenating Fluid needs to be used twice a day, after you have cleansed and toned your face.
  • Regular exfoliation, at least once a week, is also recommended to allow the product to get better absorbed by your skin due to how exfoliation removes dead skin that forms a barrier on the surface.

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  • You need to protect your skin while treating age spots because skin-lightening products can make it even more sensitive to the sun, and therefore prone to more sun damage. Use a sunscreen that’s got broad-spectrum protection, blocking out both UVA and UVB rays so that you prevent your age spots from darkening while also avoiding new ones in the future.
  • Don’t sabotage your skin-lightening cream as it gets to work. Although you might think you can skip the sun in favor of tanning beds and tanning lamps, these are just as dangerous! Both are known to contribute to age spots because of the UV light they emit, so ditch them in your quest for gorgeously clear skin. 

Age spots ruin your flawless complexion but they can be avoided and successfully treated. With a lifestyle focused on staying out of the harmful sun and natural skin-lightening creams, your skin will be beautifully rejuvenated in no time.