Finding Skin Lightening Creams that Work

When’s the last time you actually bought a cream — any cream — that worked?

Cosmetics companies are notoriously known for claiming their products can do a lot. The truth? They usually just look good and smell nice. What, no skin as smooth as a baby’s? No visible lines wiped out in four weeks? Oops! Sorry about that.

Sure, not all of them are like that but, we dare say, a great deal of beauty products are only there to make someone’s wallet bigger (hint: it’s not yours). And, while that shouldn’t be a big problem if you’re getting something out of it too, it’s usually not the case.

The Three Horsemen



What about skin lightening creams? Well, it’s no different than what you’d expect.

First, you’ve got those creams that just don’t work. You might be the winner of the rub-othone, but you’re not getting brighter skin no matter how persistent you are.

Then, there’s the cream that wants you to have a bad day. Yes, that’s exactly how they’re designed. These trouble makers are packed with toxic or harmful ingredients and they show their love in physical manifestations like rashes, pigmentation, dry skin and everything you were afraid to Google.

Now that we’ve removed all traces of hope from your heart, here’s how we turn that frown upside down.

There’s a light at the end of this tunnel and it’s coming from a half-opened jar. That’s right. Not all skin whitening is destined to fail miserably.

The Good (& Bad) Stuff




Skin lightening that’s light on the skin. It’s what we’re looking for, isn’t it? But why is it so hard to find? You’d think companies would’ve learned their lesson by now, with all the drama surrounding bleaching.

The answer is yes and no. Why? Because, while many of them do know they’re doing something wrong, they prefer not changing a thing just because it’s cheaper. If the money’s rolling, there’s no reason to worry, right?

In a weird twist of logic, bad companies are actually benefiting from the general idea that skin whitening is dangerous. How? Simple. People who want to bleach will do it anyway. They need to do it and they want to do it. They do it fully aware that they might face serious health issues, which means they are by no means encouraging their go-to brands to become better.

Instead, switching from a bad company to a good one might actually provoke changes, because those shady creams might just become obsolete on the market.

Now, if you’re looking for the good stuff, you need to be fully aware of what good means.

The Bigger Picture




For us, it’s all about thinking of consequences. Ok, you’re whitening your skin. Cool. But what about those active ingredients? Are they harsh or gentle? In most cases, they’re pretty harsh, especially the more efficient ones.

This means that, as long as your brightening cream is super good, its moisturizing and skin protecting abilities should be even better.

Take Kojic Acid. Although much safer than its synthetic relative, Hydroquinone, it’s still a powerful component in a cream and it needs to be toned down with soothing ingredients.

The Esthetic Blend Créme De Laser, for once, is one of our intensive treatments which works for mature skin. A powerful whitener, it also acts as a resurfacer, which means double the trouble, right?

But that doesn’t mean there’s no love in there. On the contrary. A cocktail of beautifully chosen botanical ingredients — green tea, oat protein extract, rosemary and natural oils — completes this cream and makes it efficient, as well as soft.

The Accurate Map




A brightening cream that works is also one that’s doing exactly what it was destined for. If you buy a plane ticket to France, you can’t expect to get to Bali, right? The same goes with whitening.

And that’s because the skin on our bodies is exactly like a map. Some areas are darker, some lighter. Some smoother, some rougher. And it’s up to you to make sure you’re finding the right way to navigate these lands.

In general, a knee and elbow whitening cream will be tougher. That’s not something to apply on your sensitive cheekbones!

On the other hand, the under-the-eye area is as sensitive as they get. Here’s a place that begs you switch from a regular whitening cream to a light gel that won’t hurt your skin.

The Clarity Under Eye Peptide Gel is just that. A powerful moisturizer and an efficient lightener. Aloe and algae extract, as well as other plant based ingredients offer a soothing effect, while gentle brightening extracts work their magic for those dark circles.

The List

And that’s that. The rules of whitening are simple and straightforward. Looking for a good time? Go for natural ingredients which complement each other nicely. Find a balance between whitening and moisturizing. Then, think local. Each part of your body is different and it’s best to approach it with a cream that was designed to work on that area.

Don’t go for Hydroquinone, don’t overuse, don’t obsess. Read about it, test it out, know what’s good for you.

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