Do’s and Don’ts For Wedding Makeup

wedding makeup do's and don'ts

You’re getting married. You’ve booked the church and the reception site; you’ve chosen your attendants; and you found the perfect wedding dress. Now it’s time to think about your wedding makeup to complete the look!

First, The Do’s

A few weeks before your wedding, spend a day experimenting with different looks with your hair and makeup. Do you want to look sexy? Romantic? Natural?

  • Look through magazines to find examples you like and try to copy them. Have a friend take photos in different lighting to see what looks best. Wear a white t-shirt so you’ll know how your makeup will look with your dress.
  • No makeup will look the way you want it to if your skin isn’t at its best. Spend the final months leading up to your wedding taking good care of your skin with exfoliants, moisturizers, and lotions. Try Skintrium’s Nutritive Pigmentation Reduce Cleansing Milk to make your skin glow. This is a deeply healing cleanser with safflower seed oil and aloe vera to treat and reverse damage to your skin while also being gentle and effective. Remember to treat your arms and back, too.
  • Use a brighter lipstick than normal and add a little color to your cheeks to balance the whiteness of your dress. Neutral or pale colors will look washed out in photos. And add a few false lashes at the outer corner of each eye to give them emphasis while still looking natural.
  • The skin around your eyes is very delicate and more prone to puffiness and lines. Wearing white can often emphasize dark circles under your eyes. On your wedding day, use a concealer with your makeup. In addition, try Clarity Under Eye Peptide Gel by Skintrium during the months prior in order to brighten dark circles and smooth away fine lines.
  • Be confident in your smile. Get your teeth professionally cleaned, then use white strips the week before to keep them bright. Cut back on the diet soda and coffee for awhile – they stain your teeth.

And The Don’ts

  • Don’t let a friend, makeup artist, or hair stylist create a look that isn’t “you”. You just want to look beautiful on your wedding day, not someone your groom won’t recognize. The best look is still you, but with a bit more polish.
  • Don’t slather on too much makeup or skin lotion the day of the big event. You’ll be hugging people all day and don’t want to smear things on them or look shiny or overdone in photos. Add a slight dusting of translucent powder across your nose to matte that shine, too.
  • Don’t rush on your day. Give yourself at least an hour to stay relaxed when applying your makeup. Creme eyeshadows will last all day and, of course, waterproof mascara is a must!

Every woman wants to look her best on her wedding day. Make a few changes in your daily routine, and by your big day, you’ll see a difference in how you look. And everyone else will notice too!