Debunking Common Nutrition Myths

nutrition mythsNutrition myths abound everywhere you turn. It seems that more people are willing to fill your head full of useless misinformation than good, helpful tips and hints. The following will dispel some of the bad information you may have heard and help you discern between what’s healthy and what isn’t.

And keep in mind that nutrition is important for your skin as well as your body. Healthy ingredients like walnut and oatmeal, as in Skintrium’s Physical Pigment Reduce Body Smoother, should become a regular part of your everyday skin care routine – if it isn’t already. Now for some myth busting!

Eggs Are Bad – Too Much Cholesterol

If you pay attention to the news, the seems to change weekly. Here’s the bottom line: the proteins in eggs are easily absorbed by your body’s cells, and this is essential to growth, good health, and muscle maintenance. Additionally, they are excellent sources of zinc, selenium, chromium, calcium, folic acid, and vitamins C, D, B, and A. So much for your multivitamin. Have an egg.

Want to Eat Healthily? Eat Tofu and Drink Lots of Green Tea

Please don’t. Try to keep your green tea consumption to one per day and, whenever possible, drink teas that are organic. One reason that green tea may not be as beneficial as some people think is the fact that only the tips are used in the tea making process. This is where the highest residue content of pesticides are found. After extended use, it may even constipate you.

Next, bloating can be caused by tofu. Furthermore, it’s not even remotely healthy for our system if it is not fermented. It can, in fact, inhibit proper protein digestion. If you’re going to eat soy products, stick to healthy choices such as sheep milk, goats milk, almond milk, tempeh, and miso.

Coconut Oil and Fat Are Bad for You

People think that coconut oil is fattening because it contains saturated fat. Specifically, the kinds of triglycerides found in coconut oil are not stored as fat. The body uses them as energy. Coconut oil can actually improve thyroid function, improve the body’s immunity, and speed up metabolism.

Fat is bad? Only when it’s on your thighs, but, belly, and upper arms. Seriously though, there are good fats and bad fats when it comes to nutrition. Certain fats can actually assist weight loss. For healthy living, Omega’s nine, six, and three are essential. Do, however, avoid hydrogenated and trans fats.

Weight Loss Can Be Achieved by Eating Cereal Instead of a Formal Meal

Have you seen what’s in most cereals? Many of them are high in sugar, preservatives, and fat. Your body will become dehydrated by the wheat in many cereals. If you must eat cereal, go for a rice-based type. Better yet, for weight loss, make a lifestyle change that will include high-protein, low-carb meals.

Constipated? Eat Tons of Fiber

Whereas fiber does assist in stool softening and bowel health, drinking too little water and eating too much fiber does absolutely nothing to relieve constipation. Drinking lots of water helps flush out toxins. Not enough of it turns fiber into what is essentially cement, clogging up your system.

Calcium Is Best Found in Dairy Products

Looking for your calcium in cheese curds, cheese, and milk is not necessarily the best plan. In fact, complications can arise from ingesting too much dairy. Good sources of calcium are sardines, leafy vegetables, egg yolk, broccoli, and almonds.

Stay Away from Brown Bread – Just Eat White Bread

Let’s pay closer attention to what’s in the bread than what it’s color is. Whole-grain bread isn’t necessarily brownie. The brown can come from coloring agents like molasses, caramel, or chemicals. Rather than enriched flour, stick with whole meal flour or whole wheat.

And because what you put on your body is nearly as important as what you put into your body, your skin care routine should consist of healthy ingredients – many of them with an SPF to guard against sun damage. One such product that no skin care regimen should be without is the Stay Flawless UV Prevention Emulsion. At Skintrium, we pride ourselves in healthy, protective, rejuvenating products that lighten dark spots on skin and help you keep that youthful, healthy, radiant glow.