Why Are Dark Spots Becoming More Prevalent?

dark spots becoming more prevalent

Dark spots – also known as hyperpigmentation – is a serious matter and, unfortunately, not one that is easily fixed. Whether you have very fair skin or very dark, the potential for changes in the skin is the same.

Women throughout the world strive for smooth and flawless skin as a symbol of their youth and beauty. But more and more, uneven skin tone and dark spots mar their attempts for perfection. Why is this happening? And what, if anything, can a woman do to prevent these changes in her skin? The four explanations below may provide some level of enlightenment.

Not Wearing Sunscreen

Despite nonstop warnings from the medical community for the need to wear sunscreen every day, most Americans aren’t following that advice. Whether you will be sitting on the beach or just walking to the mailbox, using sunscreen every day is imperative. Not using sunscreen, in addition to the trend for constant sunbathing in the quest for the perfect tan, is why unprotected skin is more prone to dark spots and uneven skin tone. And sadly, those dark spots that result from too much sun can be a precursor to cancer.

Hormone Changes

As more young women use birth control (“the pill”) and more middle-aged women are being prescribed hormone replacement therapy (HRT), dark spots can erupt. This change in their skin is due to the sudden influx of hormones in their systems. Dark spots may also occur during pregnancy, usually around the mouth and stomach, however, these marking generally fade with time. Yet, oddly enough, birth control pills have been used successfully to treat certain skin conditions such as excessive oil and the resulting acne.

Changes In The Population

Dermatologists note that, now more than ever before, there is an increasing number of citizens residing in the U.S. with darker skin tones. With more pigment-producing cells in the skin, the more likely there will be noticeable dark spots. With an increase in the reported cases of cancer, more and more people are taking notice of skin irregularities like dark spots. And that’s a good thing because the sooner you get a dark spot or abnormality of your skin checked out, the sooner you can have it treated and the better chance you have of a favorable outcome.

Diseases Affect Skin

Several diseases can affect skin tone and texture. Diabetes and cancer, to name just two, can wreak havoc and leave dark spots on the neck, arms, and trunk of the body. In order to diminish this possibility, it is important to stay out of direct sunlight, use sunscreen, and apply moisturizing lotion daily. Some diseases, in fact, first present as changes in the skin. A change in texture, skin discoloration, new growths, or an unexplainable rash can all point to deeper problems of a medical nature and should be checked out by a qualified physician soon as possible.

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