Celebrities and Their Skin Lightening Secrets

celebrities and their skin lightening secrets

Celebrities are expected to look perfect at all times. How do they keep their skin looking smooth, unblemished, and glowing? Well, another fact you should know is that many of them are using products for skin lightening. While some are open about it, others strongly deny the claims. Check out this list of celebrities and their skin lightening secrets:

Rapper Lil’ Kim

Every time Lil’ Kim is photographed, her skin looks lighter. The Fitzpatrick Scale – which grades skin color from 1, at the lightest, to 6 being the darkest – suggests that the rapper’s skin tone has dropped from a six to a three. How? One suggestion is that Lil’ Kim uses hydroquinone to change her appearance. However, this is a dangerous chemical and not to be used unless approved and monitored by a doctor. In animal studies, these agents have been found to be carcinogenic. Ochronosis can also occur when using harsh chemicals. Ochronosis is an incurable skin condition where the affected area turns blue-black, over-pigmenting instead of lightening.

Nicki Minaj

Nicki is one of the celebrities who continues to deny her use of skin-lightening products, even though she now has obviously lighter skin. When asked, Nicki says her new complexion is due to makeup. Yet, while makeup can cover blemishes and small dark spots, it’s difficult to dramatically alter your appearance and also cover your neck, shoulders, legs, etc. That’s a lot of product! In addition, at some point, photographers would catch Nicki in a candid photo in a more natural state. Heavy makeup can also clog pores and lead to other skin problems. And who wants that?

Singer/Songwriter Azealia Banks

Azealia has been very open with her fans about her use of products to lighten her skin. She says she only uses natural ingredients that won’t damage her skin. But some people believe that only strong chemicals could give her the bleached skin she has achieved today.


It’s a myth that only harsh chemicals often found in lightening lotions can give you lighter and smoother skin. Many natural ingredients, such as kojic acid, don’t do damage and are just as effective. Do research to make sure you know what you’re putting on your skin.

Another myth is that you should see a change in your skin immediately. Start slowly! Use a mild or regular strength product and only move to a stronger product if necessary. Give yourself time for your skin to change. One of the biggest mistakes most people make is to drastically change their look – which is not only unhealthy but also unattractive.

A Safe Solution

If you’ve made the decision to lighten your skin, you need a safe, permanent solution. You can accomplish this by using products that offer you a more beautiful complexion and resolve your pigmentation problems without doing more damage in the long run.

Skintrium has natural ingredients such as sea kelp, cauliflower mitochondria, and kojic acid that restore, maintain, and lighten your skin to give you the youthful glow you’re looking for. Try Skin Soho Soya White Cleansing Solid or Skin Soho Facial Lightening Parfait.

Be sure to keep your skin healthy by choosing safe and natural lightening creams. And always look like a celebrity!