It’s a Journey: Finding the Best Skin Whitening Cream for Me


Every person has their own special brand of beauty - and that's a good thing! Without our differences, the world would be a pretty boring place. Not surprisingly, when considering all the diversity out there, skincare is no exception. You can take endless advice from friends and family or magazines giving you the latest scoop on your icon's style secrets, but ultimately your beauty needs will be as unique as your own skin. When in search for the best skin whitening cream, how do you find and  Read More

Summer Skincare: Pale and Pretty is the New Tan and Sun Damaged


Once upon a time, the Summer months meant slathering yourself in baby oil and baking in the sun. Sure, the effect was slimming and many sun worshippers achieved a “California Beach Vibe,” but it wasn’t without a price. Now, we know better. SPF, natural ingredients, and rocking your paleness has replaced all that unhealthy bronzing. Think this… Instead of this… How bad is tanning, really? Well, among the myriad negative consequences of tanning, you’ll find precancerous and  Read More

Streamlined Morning Beauty: Products That Hold Up/ Won’t Hold You Up

Image courtesy of Flickr

Okay, so it’s that time of year. You’ve finally pulled your skirts and sundresses from the back of your closet, and you’ve exfoliated and moisturized those scaly winter stems. However, there’s nothing more disheartening than applying your usual makeup routine, only to have it slide off the moment you step out into the elements.  Solution? Keep it basic! Here are three go-to products—a bold lip, summer blush, and a long-wearing sunscreen that will save you time and pull heavy duty in the  Read More