Beauty & Skin Care Trends That Will Dominate In 2017

2017 beauty & skin care trends

  Every year, the beauty industry expands on new trends and innovations and 2017 will be no different. Thanks to advances in technology and women of all ages wanting to look their best, products are getting “greener” and more organic. Here are a few beauty & skin care trends to watch out for in the near future. Skin Care Super Food As we become more aware of what kind of food and chemicals we put in our bodies, it only makes sense for the beauty industry to do the same. 2017  Read More

Skin Lighteners That Won’t Damage Your Skin

skin lighteners

Just because skin lightening has become so popular in recent years, it doesn't mean that all skin lightening products are safe. In fact, there are some that can really harm your skin and health. Here's how to choose more nourishing products to give you the lighter skin tone you desire. What's the Danger of Skin Lightening? What makes many skin lightening products so dangerous is that they contain harmful chemicals. These include hydroquinone and mercury. Although these might be said to  Read More

The Truth About the Skin Bleaching Phenomenon in Jamaica

skin bleaching

Skin lightening has become a popular trend in many countries, but in Jamaica people interested in lighter skin go one step further than using creams and lotions. They call themselves “bleachers” and are unafraid to take extreme measures to get radiant skin. But at what cost? Why Is Skin Lightening So Trendy in Jamaica? Skin bleaching has become very popular in Jamaica. Lighter skin is thought to be favored by the elite, and many people seek skin lightening treatments to gain an upper hand  Read More