A Team Effort: How Skin Whitening Soap is an Integral Part of the Skin Brightening Process

A Team Effort: How Skin Whitening Soap is an Integral Part of the Skin Brightening Process

Teamwork: it’s a beautiful thing. Why employ the aid of just one individual when you can have a handful of collaborators in your corner? The same applies to whitening products. On its own, a skin whitening soap can produce lovely results. But in tandem with other beautifiers, lightening agents can help you achieve a stunning, luminous complexion! We know what you’re thinking: isn’t that more expensive? Sure, it definitely can be. However, investing in several products that work together  Read More

Summer Skincare: Skin Lightening Products for Summer!

A Simple, Eloquent Skin Lightening Serum

While everyone else is submitting their skin to sun damage this July, you’ll stand out by being light, bright, and health conscious. Seriously, can we all just agree that the fake, fried look has gone out of fashion? Protect and love the your skin. After all, it’s your biggest organ! Let’s look at some of the products you should have in your purse (or bathroom cabinet) this season. Read, set… lighten! I Scream You Scream… We All Scream for Sunscreen! We can’t emphasize this enough.  Read More

How Do Celebrities Lighten Skin Naturally? — Shedding Light onto Sepiwhite

Savvy Soap Suds! What You Need to Know About Skin Lightening Soaps

In the ongoing quest for perfection, many men and women throughout the world have turned to skin lightening products as a method of beautification. Some people are looking for a way to minimize the appearance of birthmarks, scars, freckles and other skin imperfections; while others feel pressured by family, friends, peers or just society in general, to lighten the overall tone of the skin on their faces and bodies. While many of them may deny it, celebrities such as Sammy Sosa, Halle Berry,  Read More