Let’s Play A Skin Aging Prediction Game!

skin aging prediction game

Do you gaze into the mirror and wonder what happened? Or do you look at your friends and smile to yourself? Has someone mistaken you for your daughter, or worse, your mother? Much of how we age is due to our genes, but skin aging is also affected by lifestyle.  Read More

Can Problematic Skin Affect Our Confidence?

problematic skin affects confidence

Most people believe that clear skin is a reflection of youth, beauty, and good health, so it's not a surprise that your confidence may be lacking if your complexion isn't at its best. Many men and women admit they are less social and outgoing due to problematic skin issues. It is highly possible that problematic skin can affect our confidence.  Read More

How To Improve Your Sensitive Skin

how to improve sensitive skin

Cases about sensitized or sensitive skin are growing at an alarming rate with studies showing that almost 50% of the population suffers from it. How can you tell whether you have sensitive skin or not? First of all let’s define what a sensitive skin is before we proceed. Sensitive skin is the type of skin that requires continual management and is more prone to flushing, dryness, irritation, flaking and touch sensitivity. At some point, everyone experiences sensitive skin and this is usually  Read More