Win The Hyperpigmentation War With Skin Brightening Products!

skin brightening products

When shopping for cosmetics and skin care products, you'll see many merchandise that promise to brighten your skin. But you'll also notice items that are labeled “whitening” - but it has nothing to do with your teeth. Skin brightening products and treatments that promise to whiten your skin will not make your skin actually white or look like you're wearing baby powder. It means your skin will be luminous and glowing instead of uneven and dull. Find out more about how to achieve smooth, beautiful  Read More

What Causes Hyperpigmentation?

cuases of hyperpigmentation

Pigmentation or dark spots are a common skin condition that affects both men and women. There are several treatments and home remedies that one can use to get rid of pigmentation easily to restore the skin to a brighter, lighter look. But what really causes hyperpigmentation or dark spots in the first place? What most people don’t know is that everyday habits can cause this skin problem. Let’s look at what causes hyperpigmentation. Heat Exposure Exposure to high flames while cooking can cause  Read More

How To Combat The Different Types Of Skin Discoloration

how to combat skin discoloration

Hyperpigmentation can be aggravating for your skin and self-confidence. But before you search for suitable treatments, you need to understand how and why it’s happening. This is basically a condition where skin darkens due to abnormally high levels of melanin. The variation can be anything from diffuse to clustered, large to small, red or pink. Any portion of the skin that you see is a shade darker than the other areas is hyperpigmented, and it can happen anywhere. Wearing a sunscreen lotion can  Read More