Can We Reverse Hyperpigmentation?

reverse hyperpigmentation

We all know that one person. Whether they lived in California, Florida, or some other warm, sunny region, they have spent far too much time in the sun. Their skin appears dark and wrinkly like an old leather bag. And that's a shame because that skin is the only skin they will ever have. Moisturizers can go a long way toward keeping skin hydrated, beautiful looking, and glowing. And, fortunately, there are also products that can reverse hyperpigmentation – whether caused by the sun, age,  Read More

The Damaging Effects Of UV Rays

UV rays

UV rays are what give us that amazing tan we worked so hard for on vacation. Unfortunately, they are also what causes cancer, can be responsible for hyperpigmentation, encourages age spots, and can damage our eyes. This is why you constantly hear so much about SPF and why you should never go outside without some level of sunblock. You may, in fact, feel that you hear far too much about it. But, no matter how much professionals preach about wearing sunscreen, people still keep coming back with  Read More

Brightening Products Can Help You Fight Hyperpigmentation

brightening products

Skin lightening, blemish removal, complexion evening, moisturizing, and skin brightening products bombard you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, they don’t all contain the same ingredients at the same levels. Many of them, in fact, contain things that aren’t good for you at all. What are some of the major ingredients found in a good product that fights hyperpigmentation effectively? The answers can be found in this post.  Read More