These Foods Can Trigger Your Next Acne Breakout!

foods that cause acne breakout

Acne continues to be one of the top skin conditions that both men and women struggle with. The last thing anyone wants is a pimple breakout just when you have an important date or you are scheduled to host a very vital business presentation. In the latter years, acne breakout was mostly associated with teenagers but now more adults are facing the same predicament making it a major problem. Research shows that there are certain foods that contribute to acne breakouts but at the same time these  Read More

The Real Effects of Sugar on Your Body and Skin

Skin and Diet

Reaching for chocolate or candy to get you through stressful days at the office might make you worry you'll put on weight, but that's the least of your problems. Sugar has many more disastrous effects on your mind, body and skin that you need to know about. Sugar Leads To Premature Ageing If you consume sugar regularly, your skin can start to age before its time. This is because sugar sticks to proteins in the blood and forms new molecules. These are known as advanced glycation end  Read More

The Truth Behind Vitamin D And Your Skin

vitamin d

Lately there's been a lot of talk about Vitamin D and why it’s so crucial for your health. A Vitamin D deficiency can cause problems such as a lowered immune system and it even harms your skin! However, there are some popular Vitamin D myths that regularly do the rounds - are you following them? Here are facts you need to know to keep you and your skin healthy.  Fact: Your Skin Can't Function Without Vitamin D Even though you might not realize it, Vitamin D benefits your skin in a number  Read More