Skin Whitening Soap & Flawless Skin Care Tips: Met Gala Secrets


Anna Wintour in color, Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen in vintage, steampunk-reminiscent Chanel outfits, Kirsten Dunst in bold digital print - has the world turned upside down? Are the polar caps melting? Should we worry about our safety? Naah. It’s just the Met Gala and its craziness all over again. And what could we want more? Every fashion diva out there is a Met Gala fan. The Oscars are pretty boring, once you get used to them. The Grammys - classy, yet surprisingly safe. We won’t even mention  Read More

Makeup at the Dior Ready to Wear Autumn-Winter 2014-15 Show


Trend setting all year long, Dior is a fashion inspiration to us all. But this year, the Ready-to-Wear Autumn-Winter show set trends that are easy for any woman to wear. With palettes you probably already have in your makeup bag, Dior has made it simple for you to enhance your natural beauty with bold colors to establish yourself as an urban woman with style. Artistic Director of Christian Dior, Raf Simons, says that the inspiration for this year’s show was “a woman with power and energy in a  Read More

Beyonce’s Visual Album: Superpower and the Post Apocalyptic Anti-Aesthetic


We’ve seen three different faces of Beyonce by now -- The Powerful, The Mother and The Grownup. It’s time for the guerilla leader, the riotous rebel, the leader of the pack that she is in “Superpower”. Her offbeat collaboration with R&B’s poster child and one of Out’s most eligible bachelors of the year,  26 year old Frank Ocean, depicts a war zone where rioting youngsters march for “Love”, and “Chaos” and Destiny’s Child reunite for a historical power walk. Is this a love song or is this a  Read More