How Skintrium Helps You Eliminate Age Spots

Skintrium products for tackling age spots

You may have heard that gray hair and wrinkles show character. They are to be worn as badges of honor and a show of accomplishment, rather than something to be ashamed of. Even if you can deal with that, there is no need to have to deal with age spots. It’s true – you can dye your hair, and you can use skin moisturizers to reduce under eye puffiness and wrinkles. But what about those unappealing spots that pop-up (seemingly overnight) on your face, hands, arms, etc.? There is good news.  Read More

Understanding The Differences Between Skin Cancer And Age Spots

skin cancer and age spots

Cancer cases are on the rise and that is why it can be quite a scare if you notice a sudden spot on your skin. There is a fifty-fifty chance that it can be a symptom for skin cancer. Before you jump into conclusions, you need to visit a dermatologist just to confirm what the spot is. When spots develop on your skin, they don’t have to necessarily be cancer spots. Spots can appear on the skin for different reasons for example, they can be age spots. There are various skin care products you can  Read More

What Are Age Spots & How Do We Combat Them?

combat age spots

Age spots, also known as lentigines, liver spots or sun spots, are dark splotches that appear on the face, hands and arms as someone ages. This condition is caused by being exposed to too much sun and the skin forms an increased pigmentation of unraised splotches. These spots can appear as small freckles on the skin and sometimes they appear as circles up to one centimeter diameter to parts of the human body that are exposed to the sun a lot.. These spots are not dangerous but they can make  Read More