The Connection Between Acne and Stress

connection between acne and stress

For some people, the minute they find themselves in a stressful situation, their complexion reflects their emotions. Whether they're studying for an important test, putting the final touches on a work presentation, planning for the holidays, or dealing with other issues, their skin erupts with blemishes and acne. Is it just their imagination – or do acne and stress really have a connection? Read on to decide for yourself. Only Anecdotal Evidence Frankly, acne flare-ups may not just be in your  Read More

Not All Acne Problems Are Created Equal

acne problems are not created equally

Women have been tackling the issue of acne since the medieval times. It was commonly believed that only teenagers suffered from acne but as it turns out, 50% of women in their 20s and 30s have this problem. So why does acne continue to be a problem even at this new age? Well, the proper answer to this question is that acne problems are prevalent because people do not understand that facial spots come in different categories. Without proper knowledge of your acne problem you cannot tackle the  Read More

Can Alcohol Cause Acne?

alcohol and acne

Anything in excess can be bad for your overall health and well-being. When taken in controlled measures, alcohol does not have negative reactions on the body, but if you keep piling up the stock, it can seriously deplete vital skin oxidants, damage intestinal bacteria and have a negative effect on liver’s ability to detox. Although there is no direct connection between alcohol and acne, there are some indirect effects that you need to know. Antioxidant Depletion There are no vitamins and  Read More