Top Reasons For Acne On Your Cheeks

acne on your cheeks

Few things are more frustrating than those troublesome acne breakouts. Even if you’re doing everything you’re supposed to be doing, you can still suffer from acne on your cheeks, forehead, back, and other inconveniently located areas. You are doing everything that you’re supposed to be doing, aren’t you? One theory for problem acne areas is that certain parts of your face are directly connected to certain body organs. It’s a little something called face mapping. Keep those organs healthy, and  Read More

Acne Is Not Exclusive To Teenagers

midlife acne

If you were one of the lucky teenagers that never had to deal with acne and the multitude of products on the market that (supposedly) helped fight its symptoms, that does not necessarily mean that you will be equally as lucky in your 40s. Midlife acne is real and affects 12% of females between the ages of 50 and 40 years old, and 26% of women between the ages of 40 and 31 years old.  Read More

The Connection Between Acne and Stress

connection between acne and stress

For some people, the minute they find themselves in a stressful situation, their complexion reflects their emotions. Whether they're studying for an important test, putting the final touches on a work presentation, planning for the holidays, or dealing with other issues, their skin erupts with blemishes and acne. Is it just their imagination – or do acne and stress really have a connection? Read on to decide for yourself. Only Anecdotal Evidence Frankly, acne flare-ups may not just be in your  Read More