Can We Reverse Hyperpigmentation?

reverse hyperpigmentationWe all know that one person. Whether they lived in California, Florida, or some other warm, sunny region, they have spent far too much time in the sun. Their skin appears dark and wrinkly like an old leather bag. And that’s a shame because that skin is the only skin they will ever have. Moisturizers can go a long way toward keeping skin hydrated, beautiful looking, and glowing. And, fortunately, there are also products that can reverse hyperpigmentation – whether caused by the sun, age, birthmarks, etc.

Why Do I Have Dark Spots on My Skin?

When a concentrated area experiences excess melanin production, dark spots are the result. Natural protection against the sun’s harmful rays is actually the purpose of melanin pigment. It’s your body’s attempt at sunscreen. When your skin changes color, hyperpigmentation, this can be the result of decreased or increased melanin production. Additional causes of hyperpigmentation can be prescription drugs, improper nutrition, imbalanced hormones, acne scars, and either artificial or natural sunlight. Every time you leave the house without sunscreen, the cells in your body that are responsible for producing melanin kick into gear to prevent sun exposure.

Some Sunlight Is Healthy

Weirdly enough, though too much sun exposure can cause wrinkles, cancer, and hyperpigmentation, some sunlight is good for our bodies. Without a little sunlight in our lives, we would be surprisingly unhealthy. We receive vitamin D and can get an overall healthier looking tone to our skin from the right level of sunlight. The wrong level of sunlight, however, strips vitamin A and vitamin C from our skin. This can lead to looking older before your time. Using skin care products that replace moisture, reduce hyperpigmentation, eliminate wrinkles, and give your skin an overall healthier glow can turn your life around if you have suffered skin damage from the sun or other detrimental causes.

Skin peels are popular with an elite group of individuals, but the side effects and chemicals used in these over the top treatments can cause irreparable damage, be painful, and are extreme. When it comes down to it, you want to be nicer, more loving, and more caring to your skin – not punish it because of something you’ve done (prolonged sun exposure with no sunscreen) or that occurred naturally through no fault of your own (aging or birthmarks).

How to Prevent New Damage and Keep Away Former Hyperpigmentation

It isn’t necessary to become a hermit and stay indoors all of the time, in order to prevent new skin damage. Every day, before you run even something as small as a short errand, apply sunscreen to your arms, chest, neck, and face. On a regular basis, use your favorite moisturizing and rejuvenating skin care products. Set up an actual routine wherein you take the time out of your day to do nothing but skin care. And in addition to sunscreen, get a nice, floppy, stylish, wide-brimmed hat.

There are products on the market that combine the perfect level of skin care and rejuvenation with SPF and skin lightening ingredients. It’s sort of a one-stop-shop for skin care.

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