Can Burn Scars Fade Completely?

can burn scars fade completely?

Unfortunately, accidents happen and anyone is susceptible to them. Common accidents like fire accidents can happen at any time and this can leave an individual in a physical and emotional turmoil. Survivors of fire accidents are left with scars which not only affect their appearance but it also leaves them in an emotional havoc. Can burn scars fade completely? The good news is that this is very possible. Latest treatments and technology has enabled victims who have survived fire accidents to get rid of burn scars and get back their normal skin complexion. How can you get rid of burn scars?

Massage The Scar

It is vital to deal with burn scars as early as possible to prevent massive scarring. After doing that you can work from there after the burn has healed. You can start by massaging your scar with moisturizers to help increase blood circulation to the site. Increased circulation helps with the distribution of collagen throughout the skin. Daily use of high quality moisturizers helps to fade and flatten burn scars eventually.

Chemical Peel

Visit a dermatologist who will then assess the extent of damage left by the burn scars before getting any treatment. The dermatologist can eliminate damaged skin on the burn scar by using a chemical peel to remove outer layers of the scar. The chemical peel contains fruits acids which are applied on the scar using cotton swabs to eat away at the dead skin. The severity of scarring determines the number of times you have to get a chemical peel to ensure burn scars are neutralized.

Apply Sunscreen

Exposing burn scars to the sun for long hours can cause them to darken. The harmful UV rays from the sun can inhibit the natural healing of burn scars leaving them more noticeable. Always apply a sunscreen to your scar before leaving the house even on a cloudy day. Ensure that you apply a sunscreen of at least 30 SPF for adequate protection.

Laser Treatments

Over the past years, research has shown that you can improve the elasticity, texture and appearance of burn scars by using pulsed-dye tool. This technique known as laser treatments can reduce redness and height of scars. Laser treatment can not only be used on patients with severe burn scars but can also be extended to regular scars and minor skin burns.

Daily Skin Routine

There are skin care products that you can easily get over the counter to compliment your skin care routine as you continue with other treatments to heal your scars. Some skin care products can treat surface scars and acne marks and they use the same technique as a chemical peel mentioned earlier. These skin care products have ingredients which remove dead skin cells and when applied daily, they can help to reduce the size of burn scars while restoring your skin to its natural brighter look. You can use F&F Physical Pigment Reduce Body Smoother from Skintrium to improve your skin’s texture. This skin product buffs away dead cells and prepares your skin for other treatments to follow. Burn scars can leave a dark spot on the skin after fading so you can apply this product to brighten and lighten your skin tone.

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