Burn Scars May Become A Thing Of The Past

burn scars

Burn scarring is usually caused by proliferation of collagen cells and over the past few years researchers have been working hard to come up with a way to prevent hypertrophic scars formed after a burn. There has been recent development from Tel Aviv University from a group of researchers that have devised a non-invasive method which uses short, pulsed electric fields to prevent burn scars that are caused by excessive collagen which forms raised tissue.

Research Findings

The research conducted was recently published in the “Journal of Investigative Dermatology” and was led by TAU’s Porter School of environmental Studies, Dr. Alexander Golberg. The research showed that according to world Health Organization, 10% of all accidental-injury deaths result from fire-related burns.  Those that survive from fires suffer from destroyed tissue and skin cells and they experience lifelong psychological, physical and social challenges.

How To Relieve Lifelong Suffering

The research conducted by Dr. Golberg and his team developed a technology known as pIRE (Partial Irreversible Electroporation) which prevents the formation of debilitating burn scars. The pIRE technique harnesses non-thermal electric fields from microsecond pulsed high voltage to control the natural response of the body to trauma.

This technique uses short pulsed electric fields to destroy cells in a wound which in turn causes irreversible collagen cells damage. The research was carefully conducted to ensure that the technique didn’t overheal or create a new wound and they had to find a delicate balance that allowed the body to find a natural way of healing.

The researchers used five lab rats to conduct their experiments over a period of six months during which they used an imaging technique to treat burn injuries. This technique was a developed by Brett Bouma and Drs. Martin Villiger and it was found that there was a 57.9% scar reduction rate compared to untreated scars.

Human Clinical Studies

Over the years, doctors have used surgical excision, electron-beam irradiation, laser therapy, silicone sheet application, mechanical compression dressing and other techniques to treat burn scars. In as much as these techniques help to relieve patients suffering from burn scars from lifelong suffering, there still needs to be an improvement in the healing outcome. Dr. Golberg said in his statement that the research had found a way to prevent scar formation in animals but they are still to conduct a study on humans. They are creating awareness that will luckily help them raise the funds they need to develop the pIRE technique to ensure it becomes a success.

Bottom Line

It should be noted that scarring is a complex process which involves metabolism and inflammation. The body uses scarring as a natural way to protect and heal damaged skin resulting from burns. The pIRE technique has to find a way to ensure that the technique does not lead to creating new wounds in the process of removing scarring which takes time. While the pIRE technology has not been fully developed for commercial purposes yet, patients can always rely on our xF15 Exquisite Corrective Skin Whitening Gel to help reduce the effects of their burn scars while yielding the best results.