Brightening Products Can Help You Fight Hyperpigmentation

brightening productsSkin lightening, blemish removal, complexion evening, moisturizing, and skin brightening products bombard you everywhere you go. Unfortunately, they don’t all contain the same ingredients at the same levels. Many of them, in fact, contain things that aren’t good for you at all. What are some of the major ingredients found in a good product that fights hyperpigmentation effectively? The answers can be found in this post.

Getting To Know Skin Whitening

First of all, let’s understand a little something about the concept of skin whitening. It doesn’t actually make your face white. It is simply a perceived value of beauty that refers to pearlescent or luminous skin. Rather than splotchy, dull skin, you’re going for a glowing, bright complexion. It can also refer to the evening out of one’s complexion. If you have problems with blotches or spots, some skin whitening or lightening products will help even out your entire complexion for a more uniform look. Now let’s get down to ingredients.

Ingredients in The Most Effective Skincare Products

The ingredients listed below target areas of discoloration, yet at the same time somehow manage to effectively treat your entire complexion as a whole. They are ideal for uneven skin tones and dullness.

  • Retinol – Retinols are a form of vitamin A and work to do a number of things at the cellular level – namely, fade hyperpigmentation, stimulate elastin and collagen production, and increase cell turnover. Use a little bit of caution with them because they can be very strong and those with super sensitive skin may want to consult a doctor before launching into a skincare regime using retinol, or just ease into using it a little at a time.
  • Fruit Extracts – One way to tackle melanin build up is to maximize your exfoliation which will continuously reveal fresh, new skin. Useful for their very gentle exfoliating characteristics are fruit extracts because they assist in deeply cleansing and softening the skin. In turn, this aids in the removal of dead skin cells and the fading of dark spots.
  • Mulberry Extract, specifically – Derivatives of the root bark from a mulberry plant, and similar to vitamin C, mulberry extract inhibits tyrosinase. Why is that important? Tyrosinase is responsible for the production of the melanin that causes pigment. If you can inhibit tyrosinase, you can cut down on those pesky dark spots.
  • Niacinamide – Niacinamide is a vitamin B derivative that has been shown to have beneficial effects such as lightning marks due to hyperpigmentation. This is because it suppresses the transfer of melanin to your skin’s outer layers. But it doesn’t simply inhibit melanin production. It also stops melanin’s transfer meaning that the pigments responsible for inducing color won’t reach the outermost layer of the skin, also called the epidermis.
  • Vitamin C – Vitamin C works to reduce the production of melanin by inhibiting the enzyme tyrosinase. Essentially, this stops hyperpigmentation and dark spots dead in their tracks. Additionally, this essential vitamin has been shown to leave healthy areas of skin alone while it lightens problem areas. Somehow it knows just what troubled spots to focus on.
  • Licorice Root – Lastly, this ingredient assists in the reduction of hyperpigmentation and the appearance of dark spots. It inhibits the enzyme that is responsible for the darkening of the skin. A little something called glabridin assists in decreasing melanin’s production which helps to fade those dark spots and even them out for a more uniform complexion.

At Skintrium, our products assist your skin in renewing and repairing itself. In a sense, they kick your skin into overdrive so that it can make the most of the ingredients we so carefully pick out and put into each one of our skincare products. In no time at all, you’ll be waking up every morning with beautiful, brighter skin.