The Best Whitening Cream Ingredients for 2014

No doubt about it, the always fascinating world of skin whitening is evolving. In 2014, bleaching has finally stopped being all about the controversy, but about an industry that’s thriving and, most importantly, about solutions.

This is a great time to start brightening your skin because we now know more about the business of getting your skin creamy than ever. Ingredients have been tested, fingers have been pointed and now we’re ready to start a journey with products that really work.

And, while companies are learning how to play the whitening game more professionally as we speak/write, only a few of them actually make it to Premier League.

The Elite


What makes an ingredient good, we already know. But what makes it better than another, well… that’s all in the details. An ingredient might be killer on its own, but it might work even better when associated with something else. If you’re having trouble wrapping your head around that concept, here’s a more relatable example: crackers; cheese. And another: basil; tomatoes. And finally, our favorite: LBD; red lipstick.

Cosmetics have a similar mechanics. One active ingredient can’t do all the work. It needs help, it needs subtle chemistry.

This is why, for 2014, we’re looking at ingredients that whiten the skin, but also at combinations, mixes, cocktails and associations for the best whitening cream.

Because knowledge is layer-based and this is a new layer in skin whitening know-how.

Kojic Acid (+moisture)


If you’ve been researching skin whitening, you’re probably familiar with the newly discovered Kojic Acid mantra.

This rising star of the industry is praised as being particularly efficient and a wonderful alternative to the more controversial Hydroquinone.

Creams which rely on this organic ingredient already have a clear advantage over other products, simply because this one’s tested and tried in whitening scenarios of all sorts. Of course, with great power comes great responsibility. Which means Kojic Acid can sometimes be a bit aggressive on the skin. Happily, a reliable sidekick can neutralize that effect in no time.

The usual suspects? Pure Aloe Vera Extract, Wild Chamomile, Green Tea.

Go for gold with creams and serums that find the balance between the efficiency of Kojic Acid and the soothing abilities other natural extracts have and you’ll find your skin going in the direction you want it to.

Sepi-White MSH™ (+lots of love)


This active ingredient you probably haven’t heard about before works 20 times better than Hydroquinone and Kojic Acid combined, but without the harshness. How about that, huh?

This innovative whitening agent not only turns your skin from dull to glowing in a matter of months (Yes, months. It might take a while, but it’s gradual and it pays), it also smooths out fine lines and age spots.

We know you’re no beginner to sun damage. We’ve all been there. With Sepi-White, you’re addressing that exact problem and giving your skin a new life. Wouldn’t it be great if we could only fix other teenage mistakes with creams and serums? Alas.

Complex Blends


Sometimes, simple is good. But it all depends.

You can’t really apply the same solution to a score of different problems and expect the same result. That would be mad. And we sure don’t want to be mad. That’s why we figured that some areas on our body deserve a different whitening treatment.

Take the hands, for once. A whole different story from the face, right? We know.

When we’re dealing with hands, moisture is crucial. At the same time, whitening might be a bit more difficult. Which means you need more of everything. More efficiency, more moisture. Go big or go home.

Hands love Sepi-White, but they have to get a nutrient upgrade too. And, as always, the best way to go is natural. Think rich, creamy avocado, safflower oil, calendula blossoms, mulberry extract.

Many of these actually hide dual blades up their sleeves — they have whitening abilities, as well as moisturizing properties. Which means creams that go for a lead singer (the active ingredient) and many backing vocals (natural extracts) are particularly efficient, as well as nourishing.

It’s 2014. Skin whitening has never looked better. Knowledge is power, yes, but it’s also beauty. And that’s what we’re going for this year as well. What about you?

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