Best Skintrium Products To Use For The Summer

skintrium products for summerSometimes, it seems like nature is out to get us. Every season has its own detrimental characteristics when it comes to our bodies and, more specifically, our skin. Skintrium products can help everyone – young, old, men, women – protect their skin this summer. Read on to find out what some of the problems are that summer presents and what products can be used to combat the harsh effects of the season.

Summer’s Number One Weapon – The Sun

Is there any such thing as too much SPF? Absolutely not. The greater the number of your SPF rating, the better. Always apply a product with a substantial SPF before going out into the summer sun. Even on a cloudy day, SPF is essential. Apply it and re-apply it and if you’re not sure whether or not it has worn off, apply it again. We all have heard about skin cancer and how it can be caused by the sun. But the sun can also dry out your skin and make it look old before its time. With today’s technology and the sophisticated formulas contained in many of the most popular skin creams, there is simply no excuse for allowing the sun to have a detrimental effect on your skin. Consider F&F Stay Flawless Sun Damage Prevention Emulsion.

Oops – You Got Too Much Sun!

First of all, shame on you. Shaming aside, however, you need to relieve your overexposed skin as soon as possible. Cooling gels and super soothing botanicals will reduce inflammation and redness and, hopefully, prevent peeling. If going out in the sun is something that you do on a regular basis, it won’t hurt to perform self-examinations and possibly even schedule visits to a doctor to prevent any chance of malignant melanoma and/or carcinomas. Early detection is instrumental in saving lives. Consider F&F Crème De Laser.

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Products that help boost your skin’s hydration are an absolute must in summer and winter. In addition to moisturizers and products that hydrate, however, be sure to drink plenty of water. Not only will this serve to keep your skin hydrated, but it will also assist your body in detoxifying itself, to get out all the nasty, gross oils, soil, and chemicals that might otherwise settle into and clog your pores. Esthetic Blend Oro Amplified Corrective Facial Moisturizer will provide deep hydration and beneficial skin tone correction.

Exfoliate Like A Pro

The best time to do this is in the morning before your makeup, SPF, moisturizer, and toner. Exfoliating removes dulling, dead skin debris. Additionally, it can prevent skin congestion. As a bonus, it also helps your makeup last longer. Following exfoliation, you want to seal in your skin’s moisture with a hydrating face and body cream. Since you’re going back out in the sun again soon, it is summer, after all, a cream that contains a substantial SPF is recommended. Consider Colada White Skin Pigmentation Reducing Hand and Body Milk or F&F Pigment Reduce Physical Face Smoother.

When Damage Occurs Anyway…

It happens. And when it does, it is important to correct the damage as soon as possible. Whether you received sunburn or not, wrinkles, coarse skin, and brown spots may pop up. The sun’s collagen destructing enzymes can affect healthy cell growth, cause inflammation, and result in other various levels of damage. Do everything in your power to protect your skin from being damaged again, and in the meantime, apply products that have ingredients which are age-fighting, hydrating, moisturizing, healing, and soothing. Esthetic Blend Teal Corrective Facial Moisturizer and Esthetic Blend Platinum Extraordinaire Custom Corrective Body Complex can both be beneficial.

It’s likely that you’re going to show more skin this summer than you did in the colder months. Wouldn’t it be great if that skin could be refreshed, revitalized, glowing, and luminous? Skintrium products will not only protect your skin from summer but help it to look its absolute best.