Best Foods To Eat For Restoring Your Radiant Skin

restoring radiant skin best foods to eat

Genetic structure and lifestyle habits can have a major influence on the health of your skin. However, one can always recover that glowing complexion by using more natural products, rather than the commercial ones mimicking themselves as skin food. Whether you need to reduce wrinkles, diminish blackhead or treat acne, these foods can help you fight against the inflammatory genes and strengthen the skin tissues.

Cooked Tomatoes

Collagen is a protein responsible for giving skin a youthful structure by fighting off the oxidizing effect of UV rays, thus eliminating free radicals that lead to skin aging. Cooked tomatoes have the phytochemical, Lycopene, which boosts collagen strength. Not only does it taste good, but also provides extra shield against the sunburn effects. In order to extract the most out of it, consume it in a paste form, such as tomato sauce and gazpacho.


Loads of vitamin A and beta-carotene means you have enough antioxidant to avert the overgrowth of cells in the outer layer of skin. This is good for clearing the breakouts. Lesser the flaky dead cells you have, lesser will be the clogging of pores. Vitamin A also plays a vital role in minimizing the development of skin cancer cells. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits may give you a healthier radiant skin, but you get better results on consuming more portions of orange and red vegetables. You need to exploit the true potential of carotenoids, which can be extracted even more when cooked.


In addition to being one of the most compelling sources of omega-3s fatty acid, salmon is also rich in dimethylaminoethanol, a compound that promotes healthy skin by protecting the aesthetics of cell membrane. This helps in preventing premature aging, by strengthening the membranes against their depletion. Apart from that, it also helps in prevention of arachidonic acid production, which results in formation of wrinkles. DMAE works in association with vitamins to increase acetylcholine levels. This neurotransmitter is pivotal for proper functioning of muscles that can keep your face radiant and glowing.


Chymopapain is one of the many active enzymes in papaya that is known for reducing skin inflammation. On the other hand, papain can treat acne and remove blemishes by cleansing the skin and dissolving pore-clogging fats.  Just a cup of ripe papaya has a good amount of collagen strengthening vitamin C.

Safflower Oil

Safflower oil has high levels of omega-6s which can act as a moisturizer, especially for those with itchy, flaky or dry skin. They allow better penetration of water into the epidermis by keeping the cell walls supple. It also helps people suffering from serious conditions such as eczema. Use refined safflower oil for cooking, which is also good for heart.

Skincare Products Can Help Restore Radiant Skin Too

Skintrium’s F&F Radiance Restore Elixir can also be a great way for you to restore and nourish the lost glow, while hydrating sensitive or mature skin types. Filled with natural hydrating oils, protein building blocks and herbal nutrients, the Radiance Restore Elixir makes your complexion glow with a clear texture. So while you eat the right food, don’t forget that skincare products can give you a helping hand too!