Are Age Spots Affecting Your Skin Glow?

Maintaining a youthful appearance is the goal of so many adults, and the skin plays a vital role in retaining that look. After all, blemish-free skin is one of the trademarks of youth.

However, as a person ages, their skin can start to show the tell-tale signs of aging. Flat, discolored marks on the skin, also known as age spots, are not uncommon as a person grows older. They can come out of nowhere and can really make you look older than you actually are.

While there isn’t a fountain of youth, there are ways that you can combat the appearance of age spots and retain your youthful appearance that don’t involve harsh treatments and cost a fortune.

Skintrium, a leading provider of corrective skin care products, offers several products that are designed to combat those age spots and help you keep your skin looking young and radiant.

Here’s a look at some of the products that will help you battle the appearance of those dark age spots and keep you looking young and fresh.


Enhanced Facial Lighten Cream

Comprised of black caviar, white truffle and almond seed extract, Skintrium’s Enhanced Facial Lighten Cream is formulated to correct the hyperpigmentation that causes age spots and restore the skin’s radiance.

White truffle and black caviar balance and nourish the skin, not only lightening the appearance of age spots, but also restoring its elasticity and youthful texture. This product also helps to minimize the production of melanin, which will prevent the development of future age spots.


Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser

Comprised of vitamin C, mulberry extract and peptides, Skintrium’s Enhanced Facial Spot Eraser is specially formulated to erase uneven skin color and replenish the skin’s natural glow. It works so well that most people start to see results after just a few applications.

Simply apply the product to discolored areas, allow it to absorb, and you’ll start to see those age spots erase in no time.


Face Lighten and Rejuvenating Fluid

Skintrium’s Face Lighten and Rejuvenating Fluid can help to erase uneven skin tone and age spots, thanks to the sugar cane, apple, blackcurrant and grapefruit extract that it contains.

With regular use, this rejuvenating fluid will not only erase existing age spots, but it will also hydrate the skin, restoring its firmness and clarity. Add to that the fact that this product helps to prevent the development of future age spots, and will be sure to have skin that is as fresh and clear as it was when you were in your youth.


80xF Face Whiten Gel

Another amazing product that will help to combat the appearance of age spots is Skintrium’s 80xF Face Whiten Gel. This product is made with white ginger, horse chestnut and chamomile, which help to brighten and lighten the discoloration that is caused by age spots.

This gel is extremely lightweight, which helps it penetrate deep into the skin without leaving a greasy residue behind, making it perfect for all types of skin.

With these Skintrium products, it’s like you’ll have your very own fountain of youth!